Saturday, February 23, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#14/45)

Gooooood morning,

a R.E.A.L. corker today, I'm sure you'll agree: nevertheless a very hard choice for me ... and that's for sure! Those few of you who read Sexyloser not only occasionally will know that The Clash have always been my number one band, and this is rather unlikely to change until I drop down dead. Which, understandably, makes it rather difficult for me not to fill the entire 45 45's - rundown with every single they ever released. Then again, to my great dismay, I don't own all of them (yet) anyway, so I had to limit myself to what I regard as being one of their finest moments.

Here's your number fourteen, friends, so please enjoy:

CBS - S CBS 7082 (1978)

Now, really clever folk amongst you youngsters may already have realised that the song I chose is in fact the B-Side to the above single, 'English Civil War'. Itself being a tune fine enough to play here as well, no question about that, but today I prefer the B-Side. Albeit it isn't a Clash - original, but a song which Toots Hibbert and the Maytals recorded back in 1969 in sunny Jamaica, but nothing wrong with that either.

I know that a lot of you will disagree with today's choice and would have suggested another one by the band, but, as I said: I don't have 'em all in my collection, well, not as 45's, that is. Then again: which one would you have chosen instead, ey?!

There's one more Clash - single to crop up in this series, so watch out and pay further attention!

Have fun,



The Robster said...

Fine choice once again Dirk. I've always been a '(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais' kind of guy myself, but hey. Who am I to argue...

drew said...

It would have to have been (White Man) for me or Bankrobber, oh wait maybe London Calling. Fuck it is too difficult.

But Pressure Drop is a brilliant tune.

Dirk said...

Robster/Drew: as I said in my last sentence: there is one more to come. I won't say which one though ...

Walter said...

Pressure drop is totally right as (one) of their best singles. I like this song because it tells more of Clash history than every other. Without pressure drop White man would be possible.