Monday, February 11, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#11/45)

Hello folks,

a bit of a copy/paste - job, this, I must admit. But then again there isn't pretty much to say about today's 7", perhaps apart from the fact that A) we don't have enough Ska here on Sexyloser anyway and B) it is an outstanding record indeed. Then again all of the ones in this rundown before have been outstandingly good, right?

This was the second single of the "More Specials" album. Released at the end of 1980 it reached a healthy No. 4 in the UK charts. It was a slightly different version than that which appeared on the album and contained what was listed as "The Ice Rink String Sounds".

Please enjoy your number eleven, friends:

Two-Tone Records - CHS TT 16 (1980)

To promote it the band made a Top Of The Pops appearance dressed in tartan trousers and very naff Christmas pullovers. As bad as this may seem it wasn't as bad as one of Jerry Dammers first suggestions which was that the band wear balaclavas. The Beat were also scheduled to appear on the same episode of Top Of The Pops to promote their Too Nice Too Talk To single and if you watch the video footage of this episode you can clearly see that bass players from each band have swapped places, with Horace joining The Beat and David Steele taking up bass for The Specials.

And just to keep the 2 Tone tradition of covers alive it was backed by a version Bob Dylan's 'Maggies Farm' which was more than a passing jibe at then British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Have fun and please let me know whether this met with your approval,



The Robster said...

More than meets with my approval Dirk. A great track indeed.

Swiss Adam said...

Meets my approval too Dirk.