Thursday, February 7, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#10/45)

Morning my lovelies,

some big names today for you in my little chart, really big ones and thus something you wouldn't normally expect to find here on Sexyloser .... which is commonly known as a place for the lesser known bands of our time, or, if you'd rather, stuff no-one cares for but me.

Also today's choice comes from an era which by and large is not my cup of tea really: the early seventies. Something I always connect with clapped out old hippies playing endlessly long and boring guitar solos. Not on this occasion, friends, and that's for sure!

I must admit I don't know pretty much about Faces' back catalogue, the truth of the matter might well be that below single is the only one I know. Nevertheless it is an outstanding record and I can only urge you to give it a listen, so please enjoy your number ten, folks:

Faces - 'Pool Hall Richard' (mp3)
Warner Bros. Records - K 16341 (1973) 

As far as the "big names" are concerned, the Faces' line-up was as follows:

Kenney Jones (dr), Ronnie Lane (b/ voc), Ian McLagan (kb), Rod Stewart (voc) and Ron Wood (git/voc) ... I think we all know that Rod Stewart became a megastar, but what you youngsters might not know is that:

- Jones joined The Who after the death of Keith Moon,
- Wood joined the Rolling Stones as a full member,
- Lane later worked together with Pete Townshend of The Who,
- McLagan joined the Rolling Stones as some kind of sideman.

If you read this whilst being in your twenties: both The Who and The Stones used to be very big back then, so there you are ....

A real corker, friends, and I do hope you played that one really loud!!

See you,


Edit 15.08.14: mp3 file removed due to a DMCA complaint.


Walter said...

Hallo Dirk,
ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass die Faces in Deiner Liste auftauchen. Du hast recht - es ist nicht die typische 70er-Jahre Musik, die den Traum der Hippies weiterträumen wollen. Die Faces waren schon immer eine Band mit sehr viel Bodenhaftung. Im englischen fallen mir dazu zwei Wörter ein: ladism und street credibility. Die Faces waren die erste Gruppe, die ich live gesehen habe. Muss so um die Mitte der Siebziger gewesen sein. Mich haben damals wesentlich ältere Freunde mitgenommen. Für mich war die Reise zum Konzert nach München schon ein großes Abenteur. Als ich die Band dann live gesehen habe und deren Energie und Spielfreude gespürt habe, hat sich mein Musikgeschmack um 180 Grad gedreht. Als dann in England mit Punk und New Wave auch die entsprechende Musik veröffentlicht wurde brachen Zeiten an, in denen ich nahezu jeden Tag neues und gutes entdeckt habe.

TheRobster said...

The Faces were basically the Small Faces with Rod Stewart replacing the great Steve Marriot on vocals.

I do like this track a lot, but 'Stay With Me' is my fave Faces track, definitely worth checking out, Dirk.

George said...

I have no idea what the first message is about. But The Faces back catalogue is worth getting. The album A Nod's As Good As A Wink... is great album. The first album, which I is called First Step, is also good. The album Long Player has a tremendous cover of Maybe I'm Amazed. "Ooh La La" is not bad at all. But, get "A Nod", great album. Then get the first 4 Rod Stewart Albums, masterpieces. Masterpieces. "Every Picture Tells A Story" is one of the finest albums of ALL TIMES. Is that enough for you?