Saturday, January 26, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#07/45)

Hello my beauties,

today - again - a 7" everyone of you should know (and love?), at least when being of a certain age. I mean, this record is not the subject of my daydreams, you see, it's not that I sit in the office all day long thinking "boy, as soon as I get home, I have to rush upstairs and put it on the turntable
immediately without fail because this record is a much sought after prime example for music of quality and distinction!" ... not really ... then again every once in a while I listen to it and think to myself how marvellous it was and still is, in fact. Did it stand the test of time? Hmmm, dunno, most probably not for the bulk of you, but it did for me.

Here's your number seven, friends:

Snotty Snail Records - NELCOL-1 (1980)

Obviously Thatcherism didn't have the same impact on me (as a German) as it had for you over there in sunny England, but I remember it well. Somehow back then you just couldn't avoid to be confronted with Thatcher (and/or Thatcher together with Reagan) in the newspapers, on the telly and in school on a daily basis. Falkland comes to mind and the miners, so does unemployment and health care, but I know I'm on thin ice here, so I better shut up and finish with what The Notsensibles themselves thought about the record: "all we want to do is make silly records and play silly gigs".

Well, I'm all for that.




George said...

a totally juvenile song. Brings a smile to your face doesn't it? Hefner's Day that Thatcher Dies brings and even bigger smile. Excellent series. Keep going.

TheRobster said...

Chumbawamba have promised to release a specially-recorded EP the very day Mrs Thatch finally snuffs it. Couldn't be soon enough, IMO.

I suppose all the angry songs about the old witch have been written, so these silly ones provide welcome relief.

Dirk said...

George/Robster: not to forget 'The Day That M. Thatcher Dies (A Party Song)' by Pete Wylie, the best of the lot in my opinion: you'll easily find it on Youtube and it is worth checking out indeed. Regrettably never officially released, but perhaps he will do so once the day comes ...