Monday, January 14, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#04/45)

Good morning friends,

here's to you one of T.H.E. perfect pop songs of our time, catchy, nicely to sing along to, a tune I never get tired of listening to ... not that I listen to the radio much at all, but every once in a while when I fumble thru my files on the computer I see it, press play and enjoy its simplicity again. And I hope you'll do too now ... so here's your number four, dear reader:

Echo - ECS 24 (1996)

I also have Babybird's 'Ugly Beautiful' - CD somewhere, but I must admit I wasn't really convinced of it after the purchase. Sure, 'You're Gorgeous' is a neat tune as well, but apart from that ... uh, I dunno ... perhaps I should listen to it again in its entirety soon and give it a second chance.

Well, enjoy and ... depending on where on earth you are .... goodnight!


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