Sunday, January 6, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#02/45)

Hello friends,

part two in the '45 45's until I'm 45' - series and at least we got that far with it before coming to an abrupt halt. Which is a good sign, I would think. If you wonder what this may all be about, please scroll down to the last post and get yourself some explanation.

A cover today, folks (always helpful to keep people interested, I found out, at least a bit) for your enjoyment, and also one which is better than the original, which doesn't happen all that often. And on nice black and white marbled vinyl as well ... which I'm sure will impress you mightily ... that's if you are impressed rather easily, of course!

Here's your number two:

Taang! Records - TAANG! 31 (1989)
A neat tune indeed, I'm sure you'll agree. I would also have included their fantastic version of 'Mrs Robinson', but I only have that on a 10" ... then again this also would play at 45 RPM. But I have to draw the line somewhere, so it's 7" singles only ...




Walter said...

Eine sehr gute Wahl Dirk. Ich kann mich noch gut an die Zeit erinnern, als der Song durch Suzan Vega populär wurde um anschließend in einer furchtbaren Diskoversion verunstaltet zu werden. Thank god for the lemonheads and their version.

Walter said...

btw. your styled your blog new - great job

Anonymous said...

Great n°2, I love It's a shame about Ray...

In this first post after my 45 45s I've linked the start of your series:

Dirk said...

Thanks for the link, Andrea!