Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#01/45)

Hello dearest friends and followers,

 I really sincerely do hope that this is the start of something which will not turn out to be dead again after a few weeks, but as per today I’m rather confident to keep up with the project until its finalisation.

 Some of you may recall this post’s title, which of course is shamelessly stolen from the mighty Vinyl Villain (although I asked for his approval to do this beforehand and he very kindly obliged. More importantly he even persuaded me to get the thing going and who am I to argue with the great man?).

 And for those of you who can’t remember Jim’s original series, here’s the idea behind it:

 I’ll become 45 years of age mid of June this year and until then I’ll provide you with 45 different 7” Singles (which all spin on 45 RPM obviously). The records in result will by no means be chosen from a comprehensive list of everything that was fine within the last 2000 years …. basically I - rather quickly - rifled through my boxes with 7”s and picked out 45 of those which I still like a lot these days. Also I didn’t even bother to try to rate those in one form or another, so I’ll make the sequential arrangement up as I go along … in other words don’t be astonished that #39 might be worse than #4, for example. There are very few though which I regard as being outstandingly good and I’ll try to keep them until the end of the series. Hope this works out ….

 Also I try not to bore you with long and uninteresting stories about which girl I fell in love with although she thought I was just a twat when I bought a specific record, a little bit of info perhaps about the band and there you are ….

 Needless to say that comments are very highly appreciated, the more the merrier of course. The truth of the matter is that those will keep the series going at the end of the day …

 Okay, so, without further ado, here’s to you …. my number one:
(Beggars Banquet – BEG 111, 1984)

1984 was an outstanding year for music in my humble opinion. So much great stuff was released and I must have spent a fortune on records back then. This is just one of my purchases, but I still like it a lot. This record never bores me, then again this is true for many things Pete Wylie did over the years.




Walter said...

A very good idea Dirk - even if you stolen it from the mighty VV. Starting with Pete Wylie is also a great idea. His influence in indie music is so great - it is allways worth to say thank you in this way.

Bin gespannt, was als nächstes kommt.

drew said...


Like the new look

Peter from Perth (Australia not Scotland) said...

A great start, I'll be sure to check back to see (and hear) the progress.

Unknown said...

Superb start to the series Dirk.

Its astonishing to think it's now 30 years since this was a hit. There's a great version of it out there in which Pete has a go at some of his former label mates at WEA Records. It's called Come Back (Return of the Randy Scouse Git.

Really looking forward to the rest of this series.....

TheRobster said...

Awesome track. Pete Wylie remains an unsung hero outside Liverpool. As this song proves he deserves to be recognised as some sort of god.

Personally, I love reading about people's personal stories when it comes to music. Go on Dirk, tell us everything. Unless it's illegal...

Anonymous said...

Grande Dirk! I'm glad you start this game once again. I hope you'll have the same fun I had stealing this great idea from JC.
I remember this song from 1984, in a quite surprising appearance in Italian television: it was really unusual to see such an alternative act in a chart show!
Next, please!

Ed said...

Hi Dirk

bit behind on following this up, but some great tracks in this series!

Hope you're well,

Ed 17 Seconds