Friday, January 18, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#05/45)

Hello dearest friends,

first of all thanks a lot for all the nice comments so far, highly appreciated and, as I pointed out before, they are what keeps this series (and the blog as well) going by and large. Cheers!

1979 was an outstanding year musicwise, I always thought. I mean, I can't be arsed to calculate it through right now, but I'm willing to have a small bet that when we come to an end with this rundown more singles from 1979 will have cropped up than from any other year in comparison.

Why this is? I dunno ... I think a lot of the records issued in 1979 captured a perfect mixture of the rawness of '77/'78 punk and the fragility of '80/'81 New Wave .... which, thinking about it, doesn't make any sense at all as they were obviously released before 1980, but I'm pretty sure you understand the point I'm trying to make here.

This is but one fine example for the above, your number five, friends:

Radar Records - RAD 17344 (1979)
Taken from the album 'Armed Forces', although I prefer the follow-up to this, 'Get Happy!'. You too?


Walter said...

I agree to get happy Dirk

Brian said...

Hey Dirk. 'Get Happy!!' is my favorite Costello album. I'm sure "happy" EC gave that album a second thought. Have you ever heard the live versions of 'Get Happy' songs he was performing with the Attractions in '79? Let's just say he must have been listening to the music of the time while those Stax 45s were gathering dust. He found them just in time. Enjoying your list very much.

Dirk said...

No, Brian, haven't heard them so far, but would very much like to: any idea where to get hold of them?