Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Things I very much liked indeed ... back in 2003!!" ... Pt. 2

Hello to you all,

as promised here comes the second part of my little review of what was oustandingly good back in 2003 ... at least in my humble opinion ("I don't give two fucks about your review ...", I hear you shout, but come on, all in all the songs are not that bad, are they?).

Ain't got much time today to write as much silly nonsense as usual as I'm at work currently and my colleague has headed off to Thailand today for nearly one month, which means I gotta do all her freaking work by and large! Even worse, the other colleague will have all of next week off as well, means I'll be really fucked up!

So, without any further ado, another two tunes, and really good ones as well, I would think:

I know this is rather ashaming, but I only heard Marley's original version of this after I heard the above. Mainly this is because I was never that much into reggae ... Ska, Rocksteady: yes, of course. Reggae: nah, rather not. But it is of course a mighty tune, well worth listening to.

Next up an original from Sweden, and don't you think this bloke sounds very much like Joe Strummer at times? Astonishing indeed, so much so that upon first hearing this I really thought this must be something out of Joe's back catalogue which previously hadn't been released:

A summer hit in Sweden in 2003 as it turned out after rather a lot of airplay: and rightly so!

Hope you enjoyed today's little bit, folks: would be nice if you could leave a comment!

See ya soon,



fogbound said...

I'm the same age as you, Dirk, and can't even remember 2003 :)

Thanks for your work in memory retrieval.

Tricia said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHH! I love Moneybrother! My first Contrast Podcast offering had to do with Religion and I chose 'Blow Him Back Into My Arms'.

All of the songs are ace. xxT