Friday, April 6, 2012

Summer's here, kids: so get yourself a shirt!

Hello there,

quite a while ago I was asked by a chap called Craig to mention his t-shirt mailorder on Sexyloser, he, in his turn, promised to send me a free shirt in return. I thought, well, why not, although Craig seems to overestimate the influence this blog has on people and, also, even more importantly perhaps, the number of readers it has. But I obliged, being a polite kind of bloke, and indeed not very much later Craig sent me a very nice Sonic Youth shirt for free: I still wear it with pride, Craig!

But now Craig came back to me and - believe it or not - this is what he had to say:

">> Well I've started my own blog, mostly inspired by your own, where I ramble
>> incoherently about music and stuff to no one at all. I think the most
>> visits in a day was seven, and they seemed to be searching for Coldplay
>> bracelets. :)"

Who would ever have thought that Sexyloser is even some sort of inspiration for anyone?! Not me, that's for sure! So Craig, I'm really lost for words and I do hope you manage to do better than me with your blog!

Have a look at it, people:

Craig's t-shirt mailorder can be found here (lots of good stuff there!):



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