Sunday, April 22, 2012

A second helping, anyone?

Good morning friends,

a quiet Sunday morning in the Sexyloser household is a rare thing indeed, but I'm having one more or less right now: Little Loser is playing in his room whilst Mrs Loser is downstairs. So I thought I'd check me mails and also see what the usual suspects have posted last night. Nothing much worth downloadable though.Then I thought, why not listen to a record in the background and I went for one I hadn't heard for ages: some Blancmange 'Best Of' - compilation. I mean, I have one or two regular albums of theirs plus a few singles as well, but this one was the one I picked and it is a good listen throughout, especially the quieter tunes. A perfect soundtrack to go along with a cup of coffee, a cigarette and sweet nothingness ...

Then I thought why not share those with all the three readers Sexyloser has? So, quickly ripped from the - rather worn - LP mentioned above, 'Second Helpings' on London Records, here's to you:

Blancmange - 'Waves' ('83) (mp3)

Blancmange - 'I've Seen The Word' ('82) (mp3)

The strange bangs you might ot might not hear throughtout the latter tune actually derive from Little Loser constantly crawling fron my desk onto the left speaker and jumping down on the bottom during the rip: the quiet Sunday is now over, all too soon I'm afraid. Oh boy ....

Hope you enjoy yours though!



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Thomás Guida Bernardo said...

Great blog man!! Good musics...I trying to make a blog and I like of your ideas!! thanks