Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Things I very much liked indeed ... back in 2003!!" ... Pt. 1

Morning Ladies,

I must confess I'm rather running out of bright ideas, as you might be able to tell. Therefore I decided to continue the series, albeit with a different year, one before 2004: 2003 in fact. I found tons of great stuff in my 2003 - folder, that's why you'll get not one but two tunes with each post around the Easter Bankholidays. Take it as my present for Easter for you, if you like ... you'll get nothing else apart from that!

I know a lot of you think that Springsteen is mightier than God, I, personally, never gave a fuck about any of the stuff he did in all those years. The same is true for Tom Waits, by the way. But 2003 saw two awesome releases, both of which were cover versions of Spingsteen - tunes. I really don't say this too often, but in this case I am convinced that they are (far) better than the originals. But judge by yourself and let me know what you think, okay?

First we have this, from Ballboy out of sunny Scotland, from their third full-length release, 'The Sash My Father Wore And Other Stories' on SL Records: an album which is good throughout and I cannot recommend it enough:

Next up come Electrelane, who, as far as I know, are still existant (since 1998, mind you!). I don't know all too much about them alas, but the songs I do know are very good indeed. This is but one of them, from the flipside of their 2003 'On Parade' - 7" on Too Pure:

Not too bad, this, ey? Come on, I mean, just compare the songs to the originals when being performed by this long-haired twerp with this ludicrous towel around his head, grinning foolishly and you simply have to agree, right?

More stuff from 2003 to come fairly soon, perhaps even already tomorrow if you are nice to mummy!



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