Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"The Twelve Days Of Christmas ... Day 8"


Good morning,

on day 8 I present to you The Raveonettes, a band I have mixed feelings about! Some of their output I can live without at times, but they do have the occasional good tune (well, perhaps that's a bit harsh, the majority of things they issued isn't all too bad) as well.

This one here is really good though, although the lyrics made me smile: "All the lights are coming on now / how i wish that it would snow ..." Jesus, I'm sitting here, typing this whilst wearing nothing but a T-Shirt in the middle of December! (*) No snow in sight whatsoever, in fact I'm contemplating to get the pool ready again!

Either way, here's the song, from 2001:

mp3: Raveonettes - 'The Christmas Song'

See you tomorrow, have a nice time until then!


(*): I should add that I am wearing trousers as well, so don't be too aroused alarmed, alright?!


TheRobster said...
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TheRobster said...

Thanks for clarifying your state of dress Dirk. For a moment there I couldn't work out whether I needed a cold shower or therapy.....

I adore the Raveonettes, one of my favourite bands. Their most recent record is one of their very best IMO.

Anonymous said...

Glad you clarified the trouser situation
Swiss Adam