Saturday, December 19, 2015

"The Twelve Days Of Christmas ... Day 5"

Good morning friends,

okay, for a change we have a tune today which is a bit older, nevertheless it's a real gem, another real Christmas favorite, at least for me:

John Wilson and John Wessler only cut this one 45 back in 1965 but it’s become one of the key works in that fascinating sub-genre, the soul of Vietnam. Whether it's the powerhouse vocals or the busy guitarist, there are so many things to admire here. A really heartfelt plea from the battlefield this – a superb record! Alas I can't find a picture of Johnny and/or Jon anywhere, so you'll get one of the original 7" instead:

mp3: Johnny & Jon: 'Christmas In Viet Nam'

Leaves you rather speechless upon its brilliance, ey? At least I'm lost for words now and that's why I say:

Goodbye, see you tomorrow!


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Charity Chic said...

A classic, Dirk