Thursday, December 17, 2015

"The Twelve Days Of Christmas ... Day 3"

Morning my friends,

so yes, here we go again with the next tune in this series of posts! I do hope you enjoy my efforts, it might be the only thing you get for Christmas, who possibly knows?!

DJ Riko is a nice chap, so nice in fact that he provides us with a brilliant Christmas mix each year since 2002 (!): all of them are fantastic and have become frequently played over the festive season in our household, much to the dismay of Mrs Loser. Have a look at Riko's website ( and get the 2015 Merry Mixmas - mix (or any of the previous ones as well) whilst it's hot!

Today's choice for day 3 comes from the 2007 - mix and it features Marcie, whom I know nothing at all about. But if she looks at least halfway as good as she sings, I'm sure she is a breathtaking beauty!

mp3: DJ Riko feat. Marcie - 'Hey Mr. Santa'

Great tune, right? Makes you look forward to tomorrow, isn't it? Well, stay tuned!




TheRobster said...

Dirk my man, I'm really enjoying your daily witterings. You really should do this sort of thing more often. Your audience demands it!

Anonymous said...

As above.
Swiss Adam

charity chic said...


Brian said...

Much much better than three French hens. The three wise men above are on to something, Dirk.