Sunday, April 28, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#30/45)

Good morning friends,

and yes, the hits keep happening here on Sexyloser: another one you know/should know/will know if you download it right now.

For a change this is a record that made it into the (UK-) charts, all the way up to No. 53 in fact. Should have been much much higher in my humble opinion ... obviously.

Without further ado, here's your number thirty, people. Enjoy!

Chrysalis - CHS 2288 (1979)

A great tune with great lyrics, especially this bit

"I was cool drinking rum and black
And then felt sick on the journey back
I got soaked right thru in the pouring rain
But next week I'm going back again"

often remembers me of when I was younger and still pretty as a picture. Okay, I admit I didn't yet drink back in 1969, but the attitude didn't change much until 1983.

It never will, I suppose.

Ah well ...



Walter said...

Another great and forgotten song. Couldn't find it on my hard drive any more - so thank you for download again. Very good lyrics indeed - so keep your attitude alive.
Btw. It made start my day with a smile when I read about the random choice of little loser.
Have a nice day Dirk

Charity Chic said...

Saturday Night under the Plastic Palm Trees
Listening to the music of the Guns of Navorone!
I've always liked this song Dirk.
I think some of the band went on to form the awful Modern Romance.
This remains their finest hour!
Charity Chic