Friday, April 12, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#26/45)

Hello my beauties,

believe it or not, but after having survived months of months of freezing cold weather, now - as an improvement doesn't look at all impossible - I have got the flu and I feel like shit. So bear with me, please, if today's post is even shorter than usual. The again there ain't that much to say/to find in the www about the tune anyway, but - and that's for sure - it is a great great record. Magic, in fact.

Your number twenty-six, folks, please enjoy:

I'm Spartacus - 'Donna Is Distressed' (mp3)
Decade Records - DECK 01 (1983)

A bit of a collector's item these days and I remember that even back then I had quite some trouble in getting hold of a copy. Australia's I'm Spartacus were Nick Cecire on drums, Gino Palmieri on guitar and John Marr on bass and vocals. And no, it's not that John Marr ... at least I don't think it is ...



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