Monday, April 8, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#25/45)

Good morning to you,

I know this will sound like a most lame excuse for my laziness, but - believe it or not - today there is a reason for my unability to tell you something interesting about the choice of the day, and a good one at that:

Mostly I write my little essays when being at work, no problem with that, but earlier on I constantly failed to ascertain any background information to today's pick whatsoever, because some stupid internet filter screamed "ALARM!" whenever I googled for either 'Tits', 'Stiff' or 'Teenage'! Pornography rules this world, I tell you!

So, as I don't want to see the head of our IT Department appearing behind me in a few minutes in order to ask  - quite rightly so - what is wrong with me, and thus finding myself on the dole tomorrow, I thought I'd better just give you the record without further ado: your number twenty-five, friends, enjoy:

Stiff Records - DAWN 1 (1985)

If memory serves Dawn Chorus were Liz Kershaw and Carole Vorderman ...  well known names to the Brits amongst you, I suppose, they don't mean that much to us over here in real Europe.

Remarkably, David Bowie is credited with playing bass guitar, while the Undertones’ Damian O’Neill is listed as guitarist. Then again, over the years, I never really believed Bowie to have participated here. 

Would you?





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TheRobster said...

Oh pleeeeease let it be true. Bowie, Vorderman and Kershaw. That sounds like the strangest acid trip of all time...