Saturday, April 20, 2013

"45 45's until I'm 45" (#28/45)

Hello my lovelies,

today something with a bit of recognition value for - I suppose - most of you, and why not? One should offer these things from time to time, keeps the customer happy and satisfied, right?

The Quads came from Birmingham, released four perfect pop singles, reached no. 66 in the charts with this record, then were gone. The melody is great, the guitar clean but aggressive at the same time - in fact its' sound is hard to compare indeed, bloody brilliant - plus distinct vocals: T.H.E. PERFECT Powerpop/New Wave/Mod (you name it, I can't) - tune as far as I'm concerned.

Your number twenty-eight, people, turn this up good and loud ... and enjoy:

Big Bear Records - BB 23 (1979)

Why did ‘Teenage Kicks’ become known to everyone, but ‘There Must be Thousands’ lies virtually forgotten? I can't think of many other record that so powerfully expresses the delight in singing your heart out!

PS: when you turn the record over, you'll find that the B-side ('You Gotta Jive') is every bit as good as the A-side. What were they doing putting this on the B-side? It’s just as great a pop song, with a unique guitar riff, irresistible drive, and a sly stop-start surprise towards the end.

Have a sunny day,



George said...

I'd forgotten how good this is. Thanks.

Walter said...

This song has everything to be a classical tune Dirk. I don't know the reason why it isn't as popular like teenage kicks - maybe they got less airplay or promotion from their record label.

Brian said...

I have never heard this before. My jaw is on the floor. Thanks for the introduction, Dirk.

Dirk said...

You see, Brian: your comment shows me that it does indeed make sense to continue with this series: this EXACTLY is what this blog is for!

Thanks, man!