Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Desire Inside Her Crying Soul, Lost But Not Destroyed ...."

Dearest friends,

just in order to show that Sexyloser is not dead, as some of you might have thought already ... and quite reasonably so, too, here's another goodie from yesteryear, inspired by a Go-Betweens - tune which SA posted on Bagging Area a few days ago.

By the way, I will from now on try to achieve what SA manages to achieve (I really will try!!), which is to post a little something I like, just one song, not more - accompanied by a little rant - on a daily basis ... I do hope I can keep up with that: I have no chance to upload the tunes to BoxNet at work, means I have to do it when I get home from there ... regardless what Little Loser thinks about me spending time in front of the computer in the late afternoon/early evening instead with him and his toys.

Either way, today we have the first song I ever heard from Sydney, Australia's Celibate Rifles, back in 1984 - not the first thing they did though, if memory serves they started a few years earlier than that, but rather early stuff of theirs anyway - a very nice 'hommage' to a Sydney suburb and good throughout, so I hope you enjoy:)

The Celibate Rifles - 'Darlinghurst Confidential' ('84) (mp3)

Have fun and - hopefully - I'll have another gem for you tomorrow!


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Swiss Adam said...

Don't follow my lead Dirk. Posting on a daily basis is a sign of insanity I think.