Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Le Côte Farouche De La Vic'

Recorded in the early 1950's, probably in Lake Charles, Louisiana, by George Khoury for his Khoury Label, we have this wonderful masterpiece, Shuk Richard's 'Le Côte Farouche De La Vic' .... and if this tune doesn't get you up your arse and make you dance at least a little bit in the privacy of the tiny corner where your wife allows you and your computer to be, then something is seriously wrong with you and that's for sure!!

Again I first heard that on Peel decades ago, but just recently found it on a useful compilation called "Cajun Honky Tonk - The Khoury Recordings". The sleevenotes read as thus: "Raw, rough, and inebriated with emotion, these cuts give you a taste of what local folks were playing for themselves, at dances, beer joints, and honky tonks, no doubt!"

No, no doubt indeed, so please enjoy:

Shuk Richard and His Louisiana Aces (with Marie Falcon on vocals) -'Le Côte Farouche De La Vic' (mp3)

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Swiss Adam said...

Nice Parkas.

Swiss Adam said...

Oopps wrong post. That was supposed to be on tomorrows post.