Thursday, February 19, 2009

Giant Paw: debut CD release

Hello friends,

another mail came in, this time from a London-based band called Giant Paw. They release their debut CD called 'The Stars Are Ours' on March 2nd 2009 and they were nice enough to send me an advance copy along with a handwritten letter in which they say that they would be happy if I'd play a track on Sexyloser. And so I shall, of course:

Giant Paw - 'Skin Of Your Teeth' (mp3)

To be absolutely frank to you: the above track really is okay for me, although I'm not entirely convinced by the rest of the CD. Then again: I'm an old fashioned git who is most probably stuck in the Eighties or even Seventies musically. So Giant Paw might well be The Next Big Thing ... and I'm just too stupid to have recognised it. I would suggest: get hold of a copy on March 2nd, listen to it and judge for yourself. The press release letter accompanying the record quotes the likes of Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips as bands Giant Paw might be compared to. This always is a dangerous thing to do, in my eyes, but there you are ...

'The Stars Are Ours' will be released on Feral Electronics and it was mixed by the legendary Kramer. And you know what: this fact alone should convince you to spend some of your money on Giant Paw, people!

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