Thursday, February 19, 2009

For Mr. Suave: The Nirvana Devils

Hello my beauties,

a comment came in from a Mr. Suave to 'My Peel Tapes Pt. 30', in which I played a track by the wonderful Nirvana Devils. Mr. Suave wanted to know more about the band, but alas I can't tell you pretty much about them, Mr. Suave. But - unlike you - I also have the follow-up 7" to their brilliant debut ('Some Foreign Shore'):

The Nirvana Devils - 'Secret Agent Girl' (mp3)

Also on Exile Records from Germany, also released in 1985, and - believe it or not - even the back of the cover basically looks the same as the one of 'Some Foreign Shore' .... with all the necessary or unnecessary information on it.

The tunes itself are equally good in my eyes, therefore: enjoy, Mr. Suave ... and the rest of you as well, of course!



Mr. Suave said...

Hey, just got back in town and am catching up on stuff and lo and behold a fantastic treat is waiting! Thanks for putting this up.

theun_k said...

don't ask me how i got here [the internet.. what a world..] but i'm glad i did.

secret agent girl is a song that makes me very happy!

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