Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finn Daniel: 'Settle'

Dearest friends,

I must apologise that it took me nearly one month to present this little gem to you. Back in February I received an email from a Finn Daniel of Leamington Spa of all places, who - very politely - asked whether I would mind to post one of his songs on Sexyloser. Well, Finn, as I wrote to you earlier on: I'm more than pleased to do so, because the song is a clear winner in my books.

The tune is taken from Finn's debut release, an EP called 'Settle', released on his own label, Stickman Records.

I strongly recommend that you visit Finn's site if you have a minute, because as well as more information about him it offers more great tunes to listen to. Of course you also can get hold of the EP on the site, the adress is

Also I pursuaded Finn to contribute to the next 'Musicians Introduce Their Own Songs' - episode on the Contrast Podcast and I have no idea what song he might possibly choose. Either way I'm convinced that it'll be as good as the one posted above: so look out for it, folks!


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