Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Of The Best There Ever Has Been: '1990'

Hello party people,

for a starter: apologies for the recent lack of posts on this site, but Little Loser heavily demands attention all the freakin' time! He either sleeps or shits, but inbetween he wants us to play with him without any break at all .... and of course we are more than happy to do so. This of course means that I rarely find the time to make up my mind in order to post some more clever stuff on Sexyloser. Nevertheless I stole myself away, so please find my favourite tunes from 1990:

Sloppy Seconds - 'I Don't Want To Be A Homosexual' (mp3). Sloppy Seconds is a Ramones-influenced punk band from Indianapolis that started in the mid-1980s. With such underground hits as "Come Back, Traci" (a tribute to an underaged Traci Lords), "I Want 'em Dead", and "So Fucked Up", the band prefers to sing about TV shows, comic books, alcohol, being fat, and getting drunk. They have been quoted as being proud to be fat, drunk, and stupid. Their name is the slang term for when a man has intercourse with another person who already has received another man's semen in the relevant orifice.

I stole that from Wikipedia, I must admit, but I like it very much ... being fat, drunk and stupid myself at times. Can't tell much about the explanation of the name though ... at least I hope I can't .... certainly not knowingly ... but you never know, ey? Jesus!!! Aaaanyway: the track above was released on a 7" on Toxic Shock Records from the USA back in 1990. And very fine it is, to be sure.

Let me point out, please, that I have no prejudices whatsoever against homosexuals: it's just not my cup of tea, that's all.

The Pixies - 'Monkey Gone To Heaven' (mp3). Not the original version of this classic tune from 1988 for you folks, but one recorded for the BBC - Mark Goodier show on August 18, 1990, first transmitted August 20, 1990. Not very much different to the original, you might argue - and you would be right - but I like it very much .... and I hope you do so as well. One of a whole bunch of Pixies' tunes on a compilation on Elektra, issued in 1998 and taken from various BBC - sessions the band did over the years.

If you ever - like I did - wondered what this "man is five, devil is six ..." - stuff in the lyrics might possibly be all about, here's some more or less helpful explanation from Black Francis himself: "It's a reference from what I understand to be Hebrew numerology, and I don't know a lot about it or any of it really. I just remember someone telling me of the supposed fact that in the Hebrew language, especially in the Bible, you can find lots of references to man in the 5th and Satan in the 6th and God in the 7th. [...] I didn't go to the library and figure it out"

Peter & The Test Tube Babies - 'Love In The First Degree' (mp3). And yessssss, friends, finally Sexyloser goes Stock/Aitken/Waterman ... well: quite. As you might imagine, Peter and his Test Tube Babies give the 1987 Bananarama tune a good kick in the ass, which makes it become one of my faves from 1990. Taken from an album on Rebel Records called 'The $hit Factory'.

The Lemonheads - 'Different Drum' (mp3). I like it when they do cover versions and this is a very fine example: originally performed by Linda Ronstadt, albeit written by Michael Nesmith (out of The Monkees). It appears on a 12" EP called 'Favorite Spanish Dishes' (mine is calamary in a garlic/tomato sauce by the way: dunno if this is typically Spanish though, but I used to eat it frequently when being in Spain .... but I digress, sorry), released on Atlantic Records in the June of 1990 ...

The Bridewell Taxis - 'Honesty' (mp3). This is the third single from Leeds' Bridewell Taxis: I have always loved them, each of the three records ('Just Good Friends' ('89), 'Give In' ('90) plus the one above) is purely awesome and I recommend to buy them all as soon as you possibly can! A 12" on Stolen Records ... from 1990, as you might already have gathered.

That's it for today, dearest friends .... as usual I sincerely do hope you liked what I chose: leave comments, please, to tell me whether this was the case or not!

Have fun and enjoy,



FiL said...

Dearest Dirk, you have obviously discovered what a major time drain these small people are. Well worth it of course, but do remember to carve out time for yourself & Mrs Loser!

Thanks for the Bridewell Taxis song - now I don't have to rip my vinnyl copy!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, thanks.