Friday, August 8, 2008

My Peel Tapes - Part 18

Dear all,

lucky for me - unlucky for you - Mrs Loser finally managed to find an affordable hotel in Majorca, and that was where we spent the whole of last week, enjoying the sun and (probably too much of) the Sangria. All in all it was rather relaxing and if I have a look outside the window today where I see the German rain I only wish I were back at the beach .... but alas I'm not and use the time to work on the 18th episode of 'My Peel Tapes' for you instead ... so there you are:

(146) The Charlatans - 'The Only One I Know' (mp3). I used to play that to death when I was still DJ-ing and I bet the quality of the vinyl will prove this. A mighty record, released as a 12" in 1990 on Beggars Banquet/Situation Two. A nicely updated Charlatans website can be found here.

(147) The Charlottes - 'Love In The Emptiness' (mp3). The Charlottes came from Huntingdon and apart from that I can tell you very little about them, I'm afraid. The only record of theirs I owe is this 12" on Subway Records, released in 1990.

(148) Drag Racing Underground - 'Hellfire' (mp3). Drag Racing Underground were/are some side project out of Big Stick, if not Big Stick themselves. Issued as a 7", limited to 500 copies only (far too few, I would think) on Snakeskin Records in 1989, 'Hellfire' remained one of my favourites ever since ... and I can only hope you will enjoy it as much as I always did! It's a killer tune with daft lyrics and I recommend to listen closely .... especially when he goes on about his brother in-law .... simply unbelievable!

[upon request:
New Order - 'World In Motion']

(149) The Lemonheads - 'Different Drum' (mp3). From a 12" EP called 'Favourite Spanish Dishes' on Roughneck Records from the UK, released in 1990. A very nice version of the Linda Ronstadt favourite, I'm sure you'll agree. I always liked The Lemonheads a lot and also I liked what Dando did on his own and together with various other artists. He really is a great geezer!

[upon request:
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'Long Black Veil']

(150) Birdland - 'Sleep With Me' (mp3). From a limitited 7" on Lazy Records (1990), here's the acoustic version of the tune for you. A nice biography, which has all the necessary facts about Birdland, here. Have a look for their self-titled debut album, people: it was never really critically acclaimed, but I think it's rather an enjoyable record ... and I'm willing to have a small bet that can be found for small money in the bargain bin of your local record shop.

(151) Paris Angels - 'All On You (Perfume)' (mp3). One of my very few experiences with music that didn't come from white kids just strumming guitars, I first had with the Paris Angels. This tune is simply adorable and even nowadays, some 18 years later, I just love to listen to it. On Sheer Joy Records, a 12" from 1990. More on Paris Angels here.

(152) Dinosaur Jr. - 'The Lung' (mp3). A live version this time, recorded at the legendary Vera club in Groningen in the north of Holland (homepage) in 1987. All the really good bands played there and some of those gigs were captured on an album called 'Beauty In The Underworld' from 1990. Long out of print and a bit of a rarity these days. It features - amongst others - The Feelies, Dream Syndicate, Sonic Youth, Giant Sand and The Nomads. I've been there once, but only to meet up with John Peel. No band played there at this specific night alas. Do I really need to tell you more about Dinosaur Jr? I don't think so .... you're all adults, right?

(153) The Bridewell Taxis - 'Honesty' (mp3). The third single from the Bridewell Taxis, a band from Leeds, and rather a wonderful record it is to be sure. A 12" on Stolen Records from 1990. Some more information about the band can be found here.

(154) Snuff - 'Do Nothing' (mp3). Another track from the band's 'Flibbiddydibbiddydob' - album on Worker's Playtime Records from 1989. A nice version of The Specials' favourite, so have a listen to it, my beauties! I remember that when I first met John Peel (in 1986, I think it was), I didn't really know where to go to in the evening, so he checked the NME gig section and sent me off to a club in Stoke Newington to see Snuff play there that night. Quite a distance away from the city of London, but it was worth it, as memory serves ...
(155) Bocca Juniors - 'Raise' (mp3). Well, those of you who, back in 1990, were fashionable enough to join the Balearic Rave Scene in Ibiza and spent their nights on the local dancefloors there, will know this little gem. A total classic from Junior Boys Own Records, originally released as a 12". I'm not much into dance music, as you probably will be able to tell (perhaps because I spent my nights in the village pub in 1990, where no-one knew what was going on in Ibiza ... nor did anyone care, to be honest), but this song is truly fantastic, I think. Various mixes are available, I chose the one which can be found on the 4-LP-set 'JBO: A Perspective 1988 - 1998', titled 'Raise (63 Steps To Heaven'. Enjoy!

(156) Slow Bongo Floyd - 'Open Up Your Heart' (mp3). Almost a pure dance record but not quite, 'Open Up Your Heart' explodes like a proper house tune but settles into a whispery sorta psychedelic baggy-dance monster. A white-labelled promo 12" on F.R.O. Records from 1991. I think I haven't listened to that one for ages!

(157) Althea & Donna - 'Uptown Top Ranking' (mp3). I stole this from Wikipedia, I must admit, but it says it all, I think:

The young Jamaican singers Althea Forrest (17), and Donna Reid (18), caused a big surprise with their one-off reggae hit, "Uptown Top Ranking". It was produced by Joe Gibbs using a re-recording of the riddim of the 1967 Alton Ellis' song "I'm Still In Love", which had already been re-popularised in the 1970s by Marcia Aitken's cover "I'm Still In Love With You Boy" and the deejay track "Three Piece Suit" by Trinity. The single's UK release was on the Lightning record label.
"Uptown Top Ranking" reached number one in the UK singles charts in February 1978, after early championing by John Peel, but had only one week at the chart summit. Oddly the surprise was compounded by the act often being billed as "Althia & Donna", and the song sometimes entitled slightly differently, as "Up Town Top Ranking". The lyrics were written by the duo and Errol Thompson. Althea & Donna thus became the youngest female duo to reach the pinnacle of the UK chart.
They released the album of the same name in 1978, but never met with any more tangible success thereafter.

I have it on one of those wonderful and highly recommended compilations from Soul Jazz Records, called 'XXX % Dynamite', all of them are well worth checking out!

[upon request:
Charlatans - 'Then']

Enough for today, friends. I hope you enjoyed my choices and forgive me if they were a bit different compared to previous editions. But after all I follow the chronological order of my tapes and therefore just post what Peel played at the time, so blame it on him, if you dare to!

Any comments and/or requests are highly appreciated. As usual.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Drag Racing Underground 45 -

My copy, with P&C 1989 and a handwritten number, says THIS IS NUMBER 11 OF 300 COPIES ONLY

300, not 500. Just FYI.

Dirk said...

Hmmm .. thanks for letting me know: you wouldn't be willing to sell it to me at all?