Saturday, August 23, 2008

"And I once had a shower with two American girls ...."

... is only one of a dozen immortal lines from one of the great albums of all time: 'It's Like Everything Else' by I, Ludicrous. My mate J.C. aka The Vinyl Villain (and I can only recommend to have a look at his fantastic site EVERY fucking day of your little worthless life) asked for something by I, Ludicrous some time ago and is now - quite rightly so - eager to hear more upon the evidence of what I chose for him. Well, I thought to myself, why not make the whole album available to you all instead just sending it per mail to J.C.? Please buy it, should you see a copy somewhere (it's long out of print, but perhaps you're lucky ...) and visit the band's site here. It's good throughout and highly informative, with lyrics, interviews and everything else you might possibly need.

The album was issued on Kaleidoscope Sounds back in 1987, catalogue number is KSLP 004.

1. 'Trevor Barker'
2. 'A Pop Fan's Dream'
3. 'My Baby's Got Jetlag'
4. 'Three English Football Grounds'
5. 'Preposterous Tales'
6. 'Fabulous'
7. 'Ludicrous'
8. 'Are You Turning Round And Telling Me?'

Also I gave to J.C. bits of another truly brilliant masterpiece, Jane Bond & The Undercovermen's 'Politically Correct' - LP. As far as I know this record dates 1982, although I'm pretty sure that this can't be right: I think it was not issued before 1984 or even 1985, on Dreamworld in the USA and on Normal Records here in Germany. Either way, it's an awesome album, way better than their (self-titled) debut from 1981. It is not easy to ascertain any information about Jane Bond & The Undercovermen on the internet, apparently they never got the attention they deserved. But judge yourself, here's 'Politically Correct' in it's entirety:

1. 'I Made Love To A Communist'

2. 'Kiss My Gun'

3. 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much'

4. 'Hot Rod Lincoln'

5. 'Politically Correct'

6. 'Modern World'

7. 'Confidential Story'

8. 'Teen Heaven'

9. 'Radio Moscow'

And as with I, Ludicrous: go out and buy a copy of this album, folks! It's still around somewhere in the record shops, filed directly behind Jane Birkin's "Je t'aime... moi non plus", I would like to think ....

Well, I hope not only J.C. was pleased with this, but the rest of you as well.

See you next time!



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JC said...

I woke up in a good mood this morning as I'm now off work for the nexy 9 days.......and now I'm in an unbelievably ecstatic word- the most amazing legal high.

You're unbelievable my amigo.

Its great to have you back (and say thanks to Mrs S-L for allowing you so much time to deliver a posting as detailed as this).