Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Special Request Edition ...

Dear friends,

some more request, so especially Steve Hitchcox and the mighty J.C. should read this carefully. Duncan, for you I'm sorry: I don't have anything by Paul Haig at all, so I can't help you alas ...

Okay, first Steve Hitchcox wrote in and wanted to hear the great Ted Chippington's 'She Loves You (And You Know That Can't Be Bad)' (mp3). A 12" on Vindaloo Records from 1986 and thanks, Steve, for giving me the opportunity to listen to that gem myself again after quite some years.

Also Steve was after 'Sacred Heart Hotel' by The Stars Of Heaven (mp3). From an LP on Rough Trade Records, also called 'Sacred Heart Hotel', released in 1986 as well.

Then Steve asked me if I have something by Mighty Mighty: not very much, Steve, but I hope these two will do for you: 'Law' (mp3) and 'Built Like A Car' (mp3). The first one is on the seminal 'C86' LP from the NME, the latter on one of these very useful 'Indie Top 20' - Double LP's, on #2 of the series in fact.

Also my good friend J.C. aka The Vinyl Villain finally managed to post some requests, I'm willing to have a small bet that up until now he was too busy with his own awesome blog to do it earlier. Have a look here and enjoy what J.C. has to say in The Vinyl Villain: it's well worth a visit every bloody day of the week, kids!!!

J.C., this is for you:

Serious Drinking - '1,2, XU' (segued into) 'Bobby More Was Innocent' (mp3). A nice reading of the old Wire - favourite, I'm sure you'll agree. J.C. says that he doesn't know all too much by Serious Drinking, so, in order to change this poor status right now, here's:

'Don't Shoot Me Down' (mp3)
'Baby, I'm Dying A Death' (mp3)
'Country Girl Became Drugs And Sex Punk' (mp3)

All of them I simply love and I hope you do too, J.C. .... you'll find them on an early Serious Drinking - compilation called 'Stranger Than Tannadice' on Worker's Playtime Records.

Next up the very fine Jane Bond & The Undercovermen. All the songs J.C. wanted to hear are from their second LP, 'Politically Correct' on Normal Records from Germany (albeit Jane Bond came from America) from 1982.

'Politically Correct' (mp3)
'The Girl Who Knew Too Much' (mp3)
'I Made Love To A Communist' (mp3)

Also, J.C., I highly recommend to sroll down to 'My Peel Tapes' Pt. 8 #49 and have a listen to 'Hot Rod Lincoln': it's the best thing they've done, I would say ...

Concerning Shonen Knife from Japan, J.C., alas I only have the live version of 'Choco Bars' (which you already know), so instead you'll get 'Devil House' (mp3) and the live version of The Shirelles' favourite 'Boys' (mp3): enjoy ... and find 'Devil House' on their 'Let's Knife' - LP and 'Boys' on the 'We Are Very Happy You Came' - Mini album. Both records were on Creation Records.

Without wanting to sound lippy: but what a rubbish 'Best Of' - compilation can possibly exclude 'Dance Critters' (mp3) and 'The German Girls' (mp3) by The Colorblind James Experience?! Two of their finest tracks, to be sure, and both can be found on their self-titled debut album, which was released on Fundamental/Earrig Records in 1987.

I, Ludicrous. Well, they're legends to me. Nothing less. Their 'Preposterous Tales' will remain one of my all-time favourites forever, and the one you requested, J.C., 'Three English Football Grounds' (mp3) is also very fine. If you ever see the LP the two tunes are on somewhere, get your hands on it, regardless the costs. It's called 'It's Like Everything Else', was issued on Kaleidsocope Sounds and dates 1987. Also on the album are these wonderful tunes:

'My Baby's Got Jet Lag' (mp3)
'A Pop Fan's Dream' (mp3).

Finally J.C. wanted to hear 'The Light Pours Out Of Me' (mp3) by Trotsky Icepick (and it's Trotsky Icepick, mate, not Totally Ice Pick ... as in The Stranglers' 'No More Heroes' [... "whatever happened to Leon Trotsky? He got an icepick. That made his ears burn ..."], you see.

I took it from a compilation called 'Duck & Cover' on SST Records from 1990. And on another compilation called '1 Pound 99' on Beggars Banquet Records (1985), you'll find another cover of the Magazine favourite, here's Peter Murphy out of Bauhaus and his reading of 'The Light Pours Out Of Me' (mp3).

I hope you were satisfied, Steve and J.C. Any comments - or, in fact, further requests - are of course appreciated.




JC said...

You are a star.

And I dont think I can ever thank you enough....this is truly astounding and that's an amazing amount of work you've put in.

Oh and if Duncan wants to drop me a note, I've plenty of Paul Haig stuff....

Anonymous said...

Top Man Dirk. The Stars of Heaven & Ted Chippington tracks brought back many happy memories of seeing them both back in 86.
Cheers, Steve.

Anonymous said...

you're a very obliging guy dirk, and i don't wanna take advantage as i just had a shit-load of requests posted by you, but do you have the following peel session tracks please:

siouxsie & banshees - hong kong garden
pulp - theme from peter gunn
housemartins - picking the blues

pretty sure you won't, but would be great to hear 'em. if not some early pulp would be cool too.
cheers & keep up the good work,
matt, worksop, uk

JC said...

hope all is well....missed you at Contrast Podcast this week....