Friday, September 23, 2016

"Too Hot To Handle ... Rock's REAL Goddesses! ... Part 4"

Evening friends,

yeah, and you thought all of this nonsense was already finished? Well, so did I, but below comment came in from Badger:

"One slight correction. Swc once many moons ago whilst a journalist had a thing with one of keyboardists from Tiger. Not me. It was a long time ago. A few more suggestions whilst I'm here...
The singer from Summer Camp. The singer from Best Coast And an obvious one from swc alexis from Sleigh Bells. Much love Badger".

Very sorry, Badger & SWC, for my mistake in Part 1, no idea how this may have happened. Nevertheless, the real shame is that SWC still didn't reveal which of the three ladies pictured below is the keyboarder he once "had a thing with" .... we'll never know, I'm afraid!

Coming straight to Badger's/Badger on behalf of SWC's suggestion(s) then, here's to you:

Elizabeth Sankey out of Summer Camp:

Bethany Cosentino out of Best Coast:

Alexis Krauss out of Sleigh Bells:

Very neat, all three of them, it must be said: I trust you agree!

And here are the according tunes, enjoy, enjoy:

See you soon, take good care,



Walter said...

Neat indeed Dirk. Seems like I missed something during the last years. A real inspiration for ears and eyes.

djcarl said...

AWesome!Maybe someone want find a similar samples to these tracks, i left link here -