Saturday, September 17, 2016

"Too Hot To Handle ... Rock's REAL Goddesses! ... Part 2"


very sorry, this took a little while, but my mum was in hospital and I was rather busy with finding some appropriate treatment for her afterwards. But it all went well in the end, she's back to form and will be able to stay in some specialized clinic from Wednesday on, so far, so good!

Quite a lot of suggestions came in since the last post, and in my true Miss Marple- style I collected them from the comment sections of various blogs. Astonishing, really, if you look at them all, I mean, tastes vary, and why not ... it simply shows that the few readers of this site are men of an acquired taste indeed! Needless to mention that most of the goddesses we fancy are way too young to even realize that we are in the same room with them (that's if we ever were, but you know what I mean), but hope dies last, so here's a summary of what your wet dreams are made of. Send your Missuses to the shopping center before you scroll down further, friends,  and keep your hands abbove the blanket, alright?

Walter came up with both Susanna Hoffs and Debbie Harry, the latter being Echorich's favourite as well. A most perfect choice, of course, and although numerous stunning pictures have been taken of Debbie in the last decades, this one here captured her best:

Also it's a song you don't hear all that often perhaps, a really well performed live version of the old favourite:

And as for Susanna Hoffs, well, very old readers to this blog might or might not know, her and me nearly became a couple when she smiled a me at a gig in 1985 or thereabouts and boy, what a smile that was, unbelievable! Also I read an article at that time saying that apparently she fancied eating Mars bars under the shower, the pure thought of that alone still makes me shiver ... some 30 years later!

Next up we've Brian with his goddess of choice:

Now this is Elizabeth Morris out of Allo Darlin'! A band I don't know all too good, I'm ashamed to say and thus I only have a few songs to choose from. This is but one of them, a fine rendition of a Ramones - tune:

Btw, Brian let me know via mail that Mrs LTL seems to live in great disapproval of our beloved Sturdy Girl, as pictured in all of her glory not only on this site, but on others as well. This of course, Brian, is a very critical situation and if it helps I'm happy to have a word with Mrs LTL at her earliest convenience in order to pinpoint to her all of Sturdy Girl's amenities!

Good, it's JC next. I've taken the piss often enough in reminding him about how Clare Grogan out of Altered Images once told him to bugger off, apparently he's gotten away with it by now, perhaps this is why he mentioned Stina Tweedale of Honeyblood to be his latest desire. Having a look at Steena, I do hope she'll treat you more respectfully than good ole' Clare did, should you ever have the chance to approach her. Perhaps you'll be a little bit more subtile too this time?

Just like Walter and Echorich, our Charity Chic seems to like it a bit of the old-fashioned way, and nothing wrong with that! His dreams consisted (still consist? We'll never know ...) of Siobhan Fahey out of Bananarama!

Another great choice and one I can perfectly identify with. Again. This is the only Bananarama record I own, so:

A little bit more contemporary than that - perhaps because he's younger than CC, I don't know, is our Swiss Adam, he seems to have a spot for Shirley Manson out of Garbage!

Cute, ey? Frightening, to a certain degree, but cute. Still I wouldn't like her to get angry with me, no Sir!

Badger, your turn! You mentioned 'the keyboardist in Tiger'. Now, somehow Tiger seem to have managed to keep the internet clean of pictures by themselves, this is the only one I could find, which means I have to break my self-imposed rule of showing no men in this post whatsoever!

Apparently Tiger had two keyboard players, Tina Whitlow and Dido Hallett. I leave it up to you to decide which of the three ladies pictured above is the one you admire ... I only hope it's not the tall giraffe in the back, she looks a bit like my sister back in 1985, so come on!

But a good racket they make, Tiger, here's:

Having had Badger, naturally we have to have SWC next ... obviously! And SWC went for a lady I would have gone for as well, the mighty Hope Sandoval out of Mazzy Star, unfulfilled dream of a thousand nights! This woman really is special and I'd give both my legs for spending just half an hour in conversation with her, believe me! I mean, not that I would be able to speak only one reasonable word, I would just sit there and stare at her sheepishly, but no matter ... it would do for me! I still can't understand that she spent so much time with this bad-tempered midget out of The Jesus And Mary Chain ... I would have carried her on my hands instead!

Apparently our friend Drew prefers the more Nordic type, stone cold, blonde and a bit dangerous. Then again he's from Scotland, which by and large is located on the same latitude as Denmark, home of  Sharin Foo out of The Raveonettes, someone else you wouldn't want to get in trouble with, I would think:

Ah well, I'm lost for words, you too, I suspect?

Moving on to Mr. 'More Soon' - Jez. He said: "Kim Deal. Not the front-woman of Pixies, but goddamit Kim and her twin sister Kelly in The Breeders". Now, if this made any sense to the rest of you, congratulations! I didn't understand it! Jez, are you trying to tell us that Kim looked a great deal differently when still being in The Pixies compared to how she looked when forming The Breeders a little while later? How confusing it all is, to be sure!

Either way, here are The Breeders, for you, mate:

Phew, that's it for today, friends. I bet you've all been wondering why our friend Robster hasn't been featured. Well, he's a man of r.e.a.l.l.y. acquired taste, let's put it that way, so much so that the sheer mass of suggestions he came up with will easily fill a third part of this series! And if everything turns out according to plan (i.e. I get up early tomorrow morning and get this done before Little Loser comes back home - he's not in tonite, staying with two girls he goes to school with ... him being 8 years of age, now that's an example of how to do it properly for you, should you need one - I'll even have this third part ready fairly soon!

Until then, take good care,



Walter said...

Great job Dirk. You made me start in a good Sunday with this.

Jez said...

My apologies Dirk, I must have been having a senior moment when I posted my last comment. I must have missed the point and thought you wanted suggestions of front women in bands, as opposed to merely members of, hence "Not the front-woman of Pixies". But Kim most definitely was the front woman of The Breeders, which also featured her twin sister, Kelly. Hope that makes more sense!

Thanks for the tune though, a top choice from their repertoire!

Oh, and glad to hear you mother's doing okay too.

Much love

Swiss Adam said...

A lot of hard work and research has gone into this post for which I salute you Dirk.

Susanna Hoffs. Pfffffff...... yes indeed.

drew said...

Excellent stuff Dirk

Charity Chic said...

You have made a lot of old men very happy Dirk!
Glad that your mum is on the mend

TheRobster said...

This could well become the blog post I've read most often. When I say "read", I actually mean "looked at the pictures of". Sharin Foo? Hubba hubba...

Can't wait for part three...

TheRobster said...

This might upset Brian, but I just found out 'Allo Darlin' are breaking up...

Anonymous said...

One slight correction. Swc once many moons ago whilst a journalist had a thing with one of keyboardists from Tiger. Not me. It was a long time ago. A few more suggestions whilst I'm here...
The singer from Summer Camp.
The singer from Best Coast
And an obvious one from swc alexis from Sleigh Bells.
Much love Badger

Brian said...

I'm sure you'll be a big help with the Mrs. Don't call me, I'll call you. Seriously, Dirk, a much appreciated post. As Adam said, your readership can tell this one took some work.

Robster, Didn't know Allo Darlin' were finished, but I'm not shocked either. Solo recordings, a marriage and living thousands of miles from other band members certainly were hints. Last show at the end of the year. Thanks for the heads up.

JC said...

Superb stuff mate.

I have met Stina on a couple of occasions.

Given I'm old enough to be her father, I was incredibly nice and polite!!