Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Too Hot To Handle ... Rock's REAL Goddesses! ... Part 3"

Hello folks,
so, as promised, I got it ready in time: part three of Rock's REAL Goddesses, chosen in its entirety by our friend Robster! As you will be able to tell he indeed is a man of great taste - that's great as in gourmet, not as in glutton, mind you - so, without further ado, here are his goddesses of choice. Enjoy, enjoy!
Louise Post out of Veruca Salt: a great choice!

Miki Berenyi out of Lush. Now, I know that at least another one of you (Hi, SA!) can identify with this, and rightly so, it must be said. What a girl!!

Harriet Wheeler out of The Sundays. Most perfect again! I used to love her as well when the first record came out and I was a lucky chap whenever I had the chance to find a picture of Harriet in one of the music papers occasionally. Mind you, this was before the days of internet, you really had to do something in order to get near to your stars ... at least sort of near!

Louise Wener out of Sleeper. I don't have all too much by Sleeper, but I think upon the evidence of below picture I should rectify this situation immediately ... stunning!

Julianne Regan out of All About Eve. Hmmm, Robster's first choice I can't immediately identify with, but to each his own, I always say ....

Julia Ruzicka out of Future Of The Left: another hot choice and perhaps even the cutest of the lot, Robster!

Alright, that's it for today, friends. I hope you enjoyed my little summary ... I mean, YOU chose it all at the end of the day, well, Robster did in this case!!
Have fun,


TheRobster said...

This is, indeed, a proud day. My own choice of lovely ladies on sexyloser. Let me tell you, it doesn't get much better than this. Thank you Dirk.

As for Julianne - well to be honest you haven't chosen the most flattering pic of her, but I saw her live twice and she really is lovely in the flesh.

(Dear god, I do hope MrsR doesn't see this...)

Swiss Adam said...

Louise seems to have forgotten an item of udnerwear

Charity Chic said...

SA seems ( not surprisingly) to have lost his ability to type!