Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Peel Tapes: Special Request Edition

Hello dear visitors to Sexyloser,

some requests popped in this week, believe it or not! First Greer - rather new on board on the Contrast Podcast - and also in charge of the brilliant 'A Sweet Unrest'-blog - wanted to hear more from the equally brilliant Sundays, so here you are, Greer:

The Sundays - 'I Kicked A Boy' (mp3)
The Sundays - 'Don't Tell Your Mother' (mp3)

Both tracks can be found on the back of the 'Can't Be Sure' - 12" on Rough Trade Records from 1989.

Also Greer was looking for this, which can be found on the wonderful 'Psychocandy' - LP on Blanco Y Negro Records from 1985:

The Jesus & Mary Chain: 'Cut Dead' (mp3)

Then mighty Ed out of the highly inspirational '17 Seconds'-blog wrote in to request 'Swerve' by Dub Sex. Ed, your wish is my command, of course, so here, from a 12", also from 1989, on Cut Deep Records, come:

Dub Sex -'Swerve' (mp3)

I hope you enjoyed the tracks, Greer and Ed ... and of course I hope the rest of you all did as well.

Take good care!



Greer said...

Thank you, Dirk!! I really miss The Sundays, I still can't believe that 'Static and Silence' was the end.

Ed said...

Thank you Dirk!!

have been away on holiday so just found this but worth waiting for.


Anonymous said...

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