Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Requests .....

Yes, my lovelies, even more requests came in recently:

Chris R. wanted to hear 'Then & Now' by Dub Sex, the Peel Session Version thereof. I'm sorry, Chris, but I don't have it, although I did some research and found out that the particular track indeed was included in one of the four Peel Sessions Dub Sex did: in fact they used it for the first one, recorded on 20.01.87, transmitted 04.02.87. Have a word with Kris Wah! out of the wonderful 'Perfumed Garden' - blog, I'm willing to have a small bet that he will be able to track it down for you.

In the meantime here are a few Dub Sex tracks I like a lot and I hope you do too, Chris:

- 'Voice Of Reason' (mp3) from their 'Push! - Mini-LP on Ugly Man Records from 1987.

- 'Swerve' (mp3). The Peel Session-Version thereof, available on the 'Manchester, So Much To Answer For' - DoLP. The session was recorded on 26.02.89.

Finally have a look here, Chris. This is a link to a rather recent edition of the fantastic 'Contrast Podcast', where I contributed 'Push!' by Dub Sex. Of course all the other tracks, all the other editions in fact, are worth checking out as well!

Then Craig Keany was keen (sorry, I couldn't resist *smile*) to hear a 7" on Red Records from October 1980. Craig, here you are mate:

The Lines - 'Nerve Pylon' (mp3).

Also Chris & Craig: thanks very much indeed for your nice and warm words upon my little blog: it really made me happy!

So, another two satisfied customers! Time for me now to have a look at the wonderful sites of J.C. aka The Vinyl Villain (here), FiL over at Pogo A Go-Go (here) and Mathew's Song, By Toad (here). And so should you, people!!!

Have fun,



Matthew said...

Hello mate, thanks for the link. I forgot, because I am an idiot, to respond to your Colourblind James Experience - I'd LOVE to get my hands on a copy if you have one. Is a zip file the best way to exchange? Hugely appreciated if you happen to be able to find one.


Anonymous said...

hey there 'loser
enjoy readin' your stuff, great info & gotta say your english is much better than my german; thanks for the time you give us. while you're in a requests mood, do you have any macc lads, be great to see & hear their humourous ditties. also enjoyed hearing the 60s stuff you posted, more please!!!!
all the best,
mercer's plumber