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My Peel Tapes: Part 17

Hello ladies,

and yessssssssss ...... another edition of MPT ... with some enjoyable tunes for the whole family! Should you visit this site for the first time and wonder what all of this might possibly be all about, well, either scroll down or have a look here.

(132) The Edsel Auctioneer - 'Our New Skin' (mp3). The first single from 1989 from the Leeds outfit on Decoy Records. I still quite care for this tune, there certainly is something special about it, although I can't really identify what it is, nor can I describe it perfectly well. The 7" is of course long deleted, but if you're happy, you might still find a copy of their 'Voice of The Harolds' - Mini - LP (also on Decoy) from 1990, which brings together their first 7" and 12".

[upon request:
Ted Chippington - 'She Loves You'
Birdland - 'Wanted']

(133) Ride - 'Chelsea Girl' (mp3). In one form or another a classic track, I would think. Ride released no less than three EP's within 1990, 'Ride', 'Play' and 'Fall', all on Creation Records. I used to owe them all, but gave 'em away when I was short of money. [Note to myself: kick own ass minimum a dozen times after having finished this post.]. 'Chelsea Girl' was, I think, on the first release and set kind of standards for quite a few bands to come later. I know that those later would be described as 'shoegazing', but as mentioned previously, I hate to put bands into a scheme the music industry has created. They were awesome live, I liked their records at the time and that's about it, really. I don't give a fuck what style they seemed to belong to. Cool website here.

[upon request:
Sundays - 'I Won']

(134) The Would Be's - 'Great Expectations' (mp3). The second-best thing to come from Ireland since The Undertones .... at least this was true in 1990. And yes: I know that The Undertones were from Northern Ireland. Either way: this 7" - again on Decoy Records - made my year, I would think. The A-Side ('I'm Hardly Ever Wrong') was equally good, therefore, if there ever was a "Double A-Side" - single, this is it, that's for sure!

[upon request:
Galaxie 500 - 'Blue Thunder']

(135) The Creamers - 'Sunday Head' (mp3). From the 'Love, Honour And Obey' - LP, quite an early release from Sympathy For The Record Industry Records, SFTRI19 from 1989 in fact. On vocals the mighty Leesa Poole and - judging from the photo on the back of the sleeve, Leesa really looks like a winner! Whatever became of The Creamers though, I have no idea at all alas!

(136) Pale Saints - 'Time Thief' (mp3). A strange thing with this track: It seems not to have been released before 4AD issued the 'Comforts Of Madness' album in 1990. But I'm pretty sure that the tape I have it on dates 1989, which was the year in which I bought the fantastic 'Diamonds & Porcupines' - compilation on Beat All The Tambourines Records, which has 'She Rides The Wave' on it. And I'm sure 'Time Thief' came to my attention before 'She Rides The Wave'. Anyway, all of this was quite a long time ago and I can't remember everything in my age ... sorry for that. A neat track by any means and The Pale Saints (unofficial site of theirs: here) - together with Ride - quite set some standards for bands to come in that area.

(137) The Buzzcocks - 'Promises' (mp3). 'The Peel Sessions Album' was released in 1989 on Strange Fruit Records, the session this fabulous masterpiece is taken from was recorded on 10/4/78 though. A classic track with lyrics to make you think about, people! Nice Buzzcocks homepage: here.

(138) Stiff Little Fingers - 'Nobody's Hero' (mp3). Again an Oldie but Goodie from Clive Selwood's Strange Fruit Records: mind you, setting up this label, getting in touch with the BBC and releasing all these classic Peel sessions was the best idea mankind had at the end of the 80's: thanks, Clive! Recorded on 3/9/79, link to the (still touring after all these years!!) Stiff Little Fingers homepage: here.

(139) The Heart Throbs - 'I Wonder Why' (mp3). A single on One Little Indian Records (also home of The Sugarcubes), released in 1990. Again, I think Peel must have played this as a pre-release a year earlier. Again, a band which faded into nothingless sadly. Their 'Cleopatra Grip' album, also from 1990 is worth checking out though, so should you find it in a bargain bin somewhere, get hold of it for a few quid.

(140) Snuff - 'Can't Explain' (mp3). Okay, I'll just type that once and won't do it again in the course of this series: from an LP called 'Flibbiddydibbiddydob' (phew!) on Workers Playtime Records, 1989. It featured mainly cover songs and TV commercial jingles reworked by the band. The release was the subject of a disgreement with the British Phonographic Industry; Snuff maintained it was an EP - and as such should be eligible for the UK singles chart - but the BPI insisted on classifying it as an album because of the large number of tracks. 'Can't Explain' was originally done by The Who, of course.

[upon request:
Snuff - 'Rods And Mockers']

(141) The Farm - 'Stepping Stone' (mp3). The 'Ghost Dance Mix' thereof, a 12" on Pinnacle Records from 1990. I once spend an entire afternoon (from lunchtime well into the evening, to be precise) together with Peter Hooton, another one out of The Farm and John Peel in a cafe in Regent Street near the BBC Building where we drank quite a lot and had real good fun altogether. Alas Peel had to leave inbetween, because he had his programme to do, and I only wish I'd ever heard that particular one, because I don't think he managed to get himself 100% sober from the time he left to the time of broadcast! That was of course, I should add, before The Farm became rather popular. Also Hooton has the worst Liverpool accent you've ever heard, unbelievable!

[upon request:
Snuff - 'Shaken Black']

(142) Pavement - 'Box Elder' (mp3). A treasure!!!!!!!!! Now, if I ever in my life get around to do a 'The definetely fucking best songs in the history of recorded music' this would be on it for sure! This is a killer of a song, very short into the point, but nevertheless wonderful. Originally released as a 7" called "Slay Tracks (1933–1969)"on Treble Kicker in 1989, 1000 copies only, later, in 1993 in fact, re-released on an LP. More about the 7": here. Download this tune now, folks, it's good throughout!

(143) The Happy Mondays - 'Mad Cyril' (mp3). From the seminal 'Bummed' album on Factory, with which the band first made a cultural impact on a regional and national level. You see, back then, in 1988/1989, common folk didn't know much about acid house, this was something for the 'kids' in the cities. Well, we country boys knew it was there somewhere, but we couldn't really identify where exactly. But 'Bummed' brought it over to us, in a nice combination with psychedelic effects, those we still knew from the early 70's. Also, whenever you got hold of an issue of the NME or Face or whatever here in Germany, you could read an article describing in detail what an arsehole Shaun Ryder was: believe it or not, but this helped the Mondays quite a lot!

(144) Viv Stanshall & The Big Boys - '(There's No Room To) Rhumba In A Sports Car' (mp3). Well, there is so much to say about Viv Stanshall, I wouldn't know where to start. Have a look at Wikipedia here and from there on explore this genius further, if you want to.

The track can be found on 'The Last Temptation Of Elvis' (a 1990 UK NME mail-order only 26-track 2-LP vinyl set) featuring versions of songs from Elvis' movies, including Paul McCartney's version of It's Now Or Never plus three previously unissued takes of King Of The Whole Wide World by Elvis himself, superb colour gatefold picture sleeve by the way. Other contributors were The Pogues, JAMC, Fuzzbox, PWEI, Cramps etc. etc. ......

[upon request:
Would Be's - 'There Is, There Are, That's All'
Edsel Auctioneer - 'Bed, Table, Chair']

(145) The Siddeleys - 'Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)' (mp3). From another compilation, this time 'Alvin Lives In Leeds', released on Midnight Music in 1990. "The Poll Tax Sucks, Don't Pay It", it reads on the sleeve .. and I suppose you Britons know all about that. I don't, but then again I don't care a great deal (we have our own taxes here in Germany, and they ALL suck!). Some fine bands (amongst others Lush, Cud, Close Lobsters, 14 Iced Bears, Perfect Disaster) do covers of all-time favourites from the 70's. And they all do them pretty well, I would think!

[upon request:
Wedding Present - 'Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)'

Enough for today, my friends. Leave requests and let me know if you were satisfied with my choices, any comments are of course highly appreciated.



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