Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"I've Always Been A Sucker For Compilations" ... Part 1

Hello friends,

and yes, indeed I am and ever have been! I dunno why this is, to be absolutely frank to you, but you wouldn't believe how much money I spent on compilation albums in the last 30 plus years. Perhaps it's the thought of getting a great variety for more or less small money, a thought which cannot be fully neglected at the very least.

However, looking at what's left of my compilations, I thought I start with a new series, which might or might not be continued here on Sexyloser: my compilation albums, as picked by Little Loser.

'Daddy, do I have to close my eyes again", he asked, and I said "yes, son, you better should or they'll accuse you for not being objective enough". From my chair I couldn't really see whether he did so or not, but he immediately came up with the above, the thickest - and pinkest - record in the collection. So I strongly doubt whether his eyes were at all closed, but that doesn't matter, because he's five and cannot read anyway, so let's pretend this to be a fully random pick:

"La Vie En Rose" was - and still is, I suspect - a double LP label - compilation on pink vinyl from New Rose Records from Paris, France from 1985. It comes in a thick pink cardboard gatefold box, so perhaps this is the reason why Little Loser picked this one and not another one.

I remember buying this record when it came out at the mighty Plattenbörse in Aachen, back then t.h.e. record shop to go to. Also I remember that I struggled for a few weeks whether I should buy it or not, because it wasn't the cheapest of offerings, that's for sure.

Today, of course, I'm glad I did, as you will be able to confirm when you listen to the tunes I chose for you. The rest of the album is not too shabby either, but the songs below are top nutch. As you can tell, I also seem to be a sucker for a neat cover version ....

New Rose Records always were a strange beast, being active from 1980 to 1994 they managed to gather a grand variety of artists, mainly post punk/gothic/cold wave bands, but also bands that were into genres you wouldn't normally expect to get along very well with the aforementioned "punky" bands. But their strange combinations worked out apparently and the label created some real gems!

As I said, I still like this record a lot, a much treasured item. Here are some of the tunes for you to enjoy:





Top stuff, as I'm sure you agree! And isn't "Charles De Goal" a wonderful name? Especially now that Germany is Fussballweltmeister once again?

See you soon, leave comments, take good care,


Saturday, July 12, 2014

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone

Sad news, friends,

the last of the four horsemen, the mighty Tommy Ramone, their orginal drummer, passed away yesterday, I just read.

He remained with the Ramones from 1974 to 1978, playing on and co-producing their first three albums, Ramones, Leave Home, and Rocket to Russia, as well as the live album It's Alive.

He was replaced on drums in 1978 by Marky Ramone, but handled band management and co-production for their fourth album, Road to Ruin; he later returned as producer for the eighth album, 1984's Too Tough to Die.

Also (yes, call me pedantic, if you want) I have to mention NYC 1978, which was released by King Biscuit Entertainment on August 19, 2003 as part of the King Biscuit Flower Hour Archive Series.

Tommy served as the drummer on this recording and left the band soon afterwards, so in fact this was his last album as the Ramones' drummer.

Some bloody cancer thing took the man away, aged 65. The Ramones, after The Clash, were the band that mattered most to me in me life, so hearing that the last of them now finally went away from us as well really made me shiver.

Here's a song from each of the albums mentioned above. Enjoy.

(1) 'I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You' (from 'Ramones' ('76))

(2) 'You Should Never Have Opened That Door' (from 'Leave Home '77))

(3) 'I Wanna Be Well' (from 'Rocket To Russia' ('77))

(4) 'I Wanna Be Sedated' (from 'Road To Ruin' ('78))

(5) 'Havana Affair' (from 'It's Alive' ('79))

(6) 'Daytime Dilemma' (Demo Version) (from 'Too Tough To Die' ('84))

(7) 'Commando' (from 'NYC 1978' ('03))

Take care,


Saturday, June 28, 2014

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 9)

Good morning friends,

another one of those old Peel tapes for you, because I know at least a few of you are at least mildly interested in those things.

I don't have the time to write all too much nonsense this morning, because I have to help cleaning the village centre for the upcoming Schützenfest. Now some of you might wonder what this might possibly be: at a Schützenfest, contestants compete based on their shooting abilities, for example by shooting at a wooden representation of an eagle. The winner of the competition becomes the 'Schützenkönig' ("king of marksmen") until the next year's competition. Nice, nice, nice, but basically it means nothing else than drinking heavily for four days in a row.

So, whilst I will be drunk and you probably will be enjoying your well deserved holidays, here's something neat to listen to, from 1985 again. Next time I must remember to offer something more updated, but today it's 1985 again ... dunno why I am such a sucker for this year. Some great songs are being featured, perhaps that's why:

Peel 010, C. 011/2:
97Teenage KicksDawn Chorus & The Blue Tits
98Politically CorrectJane Bond & The Undercovermen
99The InteriorInca Babies
100Monkey On My BackTriffids
101ThinkAretha Franklin
102Teach Me How To ShimmyCalamités
104MotorcityAge Of Chance
105Charge ItDamage
106ChanceRed Lorry Yellow Lorry
107Boys From The County HellPogues
108All The Time In The WorldNips
109Dancing In The DawnFSK
110The Cowboy Night Herd SongRoy Rogers & Sons Of The

As usual you can choose from each tune listed separately (here!) or all the songs combined in one mix (here!). Whichever one you go for: enjoy!

Take good care and let me know whether it met with your approval, right?


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"A Chilling Tale"

Good day to you, friends,

back from Turkey I am and gorgeous golden brown too: I'm sure if you could see me, you wanted to dance around me!

Before I left I ordered a record from a shop in Berlin, something I don't do all too often these days alas (you know how it is: kid needs new shoes and there yer money goes ... ah well!). But on this occasion I couldn't resist, because I wanted this record for nearly 30 years now and it was always rather hard to find for a reasonable price.

Bad thing is that the postman delivered it in the morning of the day our region faced the most severe thunderstorm ever, so my mother in law found the record in the garden the next day, soaken wet of course. So the sleeve is by and large destroyed, but the record is still okay. Also our roof suffered, but this doesn't really count on a music blog, right?

The item in question is 3 Mustaphas 3 - 'From The Balkans To Your Heart', basically a compilation  of everything the band did for the John Peel Show from 1983 - 1985. Now, some of you might wonder who 3 Mustaphas 3 might possibly be, the back of the sleeve tells it all:

"It was in the concentrated little border town of Szegerely that the five brothers and their uncle were born. Together they share the same noble name and heroic intentions: MUSTAPHA - From The Balkans To Your Heart!

Patrel Mustapha bin Mustapha is the bandboys' uncle who sings and plays the bouzouk. Known as the >self-employed wolf<, he is a loved but reluctant Balkan film star whose steely determination convinced his nephews that they should concentrate on music, not just at home but internationally.

Hijaz Mustapha is the group's violinist, host and archivist. He is a balkan Champion fiddler and can greet people in ten languages.

Houzam Mustapha plays the drum set and cymbals. Already a son and nephew, he is now the proud father of Young Mustapha. He is a graduate of the Carpathian Grain and Vine Institute and carefully guards his family's diet on their visits with low-grade potatoes.

The nightly rooftop Accordion serenades high above the Crazy Loquat Club of Szegerely earned Niaveti Mustapha III rapturous applause from a loving public who wish him much success abroad.

Oussack Mustapha is the romantic self-effacing >cello player who holds aloft the feathered crown of song - a gesture worthy of his familiar depiction as the Nightingale of Szegerely<.

Brutal but sentimental, Isfa'ani V.T. Mustapha proves time and again that few words do not indicate few talents. Acknowledged mastery of many percussion styles heighten the enthusiasm of his brothers and uncle.

When on visit with a delegation (visa speciale Import/Export) modest sister Fat'mah Mustapha is leading with the balkan trombone.

Together from their balkan dance-house experiences, 3 Mustaphas 3 have forged a new dimension in international music."

Well, I'm all for that, I must say. Certainly the best liner notes on a sleeve since Galaxie 500's 'On Fire'. But enough of that, here's the tune I picked for you (and the reason why I wanted this LP so badly): a real masterpiece of our time, a fireside chat with the Master Uncle of storytelling, recalling recent events at home in Szegerely:

mp3: 3 Mustaphas 3 - 'A Chilling Tale Pt. 5' (broadcast first for John Peel 30/1/84)

I only hope at least one or two of you found this as amusing as I do: please let me know, will you?

Have fun,


Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Seven Benefits For Being Open-Minded!"

Good evening friends,

today I have collected a few gems which are by no means commonly known, not at the slightest, I would think. This of course doesn't say anything about their quality, as I'm sure you all know.

To be honest though I think that you will only like what I found for you if you have an appetite for the bizarre and are rather open-minded, because it's not the easiest of stuff to deal with perhaps.

 The late Eighties/early Ninetees brought out a lot of brilliant bands which never got the attention they deserved and the time was just right for music comparable to the seven songs I tracked down today: they are just examples for thousands of other tracks from that era which never really made it into the charts. I can well understand why this is, but nevertheless I still listen to each and every song out of the below with great enjoyment after all those years.

So, I assume all these are new to you, then again you might already know them by heart and put them on the record player every morning and sing along to them loudly whilst having breakfast! If not, I do hope you give them a chance, I can promise you that you'll miss a treat if you don't do so!


Drag Racing Underground are no one else than Big Stick, although, I suppose, Big Stick won't mean all too much to most of you either. They're John Gill and Yanna Trance from New York, they've done numerous great records since 1986 and - at least as far as I know - they're still going.

'Hellfire' is their best work, no doubt about that. A fantastic song which tells a great story: women (who don't read Sexyloser anyway, so who cares?) might not be able to understand the singer's anger and frustration, but us men certainly can and will! In essence Big Stick, as I said, but released under 'Drag Racing Underground' for legal reasons as the B-Side to a 7" on Snakeskin Records in the UK: a mighty tune, folks!!

King Missile in 1992 / Photo by Bob Berg/Getty Images

A musical tale of a man who loses his prized package while drunk at a party, only to find it later being hawked by a street vendor in New York's East Village: now, what more can you ask for in a song, I wonder?

'Detachable Penis' was by far King Missile's biggest hit (if 'hit' is the right expression in this context, which I strongly doubt), their legacy even, if you want. Produced by Kramer, as so many good things were back in those days and released as a 7" in Australia - on Warner Music, oddly enough - and as a track on the LP 'Happy Hour' in the USA and Europe (on Atlantic).

This tune came to my attention as track one side one from the excellent label - compilation "Sounds And Shigaku Limited Present: Beautiful Happiness" on the mighty Sounds And Shigaku Limited Label from Britain. Art Phag though hail from the USA and this is a very fine description of theirs which I shamelessly stole from a different site:

Co-founded by Detroit’s legendary surf-rock-a-billy guitar lord and mad scientist, Len Puch and heavily medicated, sometimes lucid, mostly liquored, crazed songwriter, Vegas Razz, Art Phag combined a heavy, swampy, bluesy wall of thick thick mud with a bazooka directness. Heavily influenced by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, The Cramps and a steady dose of voodoo beats from the other side, Art Phag blasted a sonic grunginess long before kids were rippin’ their jeans in Seattle AND doing it all with only a greased up guitar, jungle pounding drums and other-worldly vocals. At their highpoint, Art Phag tour with the likes of the Jesus & Mary Chain, The Membranes and My Bloody Valentine.

Brian Dewan

Don't let the picture put you off, friends: this tune really rocks! Brian Dewan might look like the guy who helps you out with your income taxes, but he and his own hand-crafted electric zither are a real treat! Here is a nerdy white man singing a cop killer song, however in this ode to/nightmare of offing police officers, the cops are (a) kissing in a tree and (b) come back to life. Again: what more can you ask for?

Find it on the Bar/None Records sampler 'Time For A Change'.

Paleface met songwriter Daniel Johnston in 1989. Johnston taught him how to write songs and Paleface began to make homemade tapes. At this time Paleface was roommates with Beck in New York City. Beck says, "We used to go to all the open mikes together. He taught me Daniel Johnston songs on the sidewalk and let me sleep on his couch. He was a great songwriter, a generous friend, and a big influence on my early stuff". First released on a Shimmy Disc compilation, "What Else Do You Do?: A Compilation Of Quiet Music" ... which shows you: also here Kramer was involved in one way or another!        


"The boy I work with / told me about / the seagulls he fed Alka Seltzer / their insides blew out / and they fell in a straight line / into the Atlantic": now, doesn't this make you want to listen to the entire tune? Ah, I bet it will ... and rightly so, it surely is another winner!

Ed's Redeeming Qualities was an alternative folk group formed in 1988 in between graduate writing classes at the University of New Hampshire by Dani Leone and Carrie Bradley, with Neno Perrotta. A little later, they were joined by Dani's cousin Dom Leone, who moved from Vermont to enlist after delivering a number of songs by phone. They quickly earned a loyal following, with their charming lo-fi recordings receiving extensive college radio airplay in Boston.

On 'Ed's Day', a 7" EP on Aurora Records.

A bunch of 14 years olds from Melbourne, Australia, the record limited to 500 copies, but man, what a tune! To quote John Peel here: 'I bet even Mark E. Smith couldn't match those shrieks in the title!"

From A Mini-LP called 'The Prophecy Of Fossos' on the No Penis No God record label: very hard to find these days, but well worth the search!

As usual I hope this little collection met with your approval. And mostly I hope at least some of you found something new to you. something you might still be listening to in a few years and think to yourselves: 'man, this is still awesome!" ... just like I do today!

Take good care and let me know what you think of the above, okay?


Friday, May 9, 2014

"Is The Peel Session Version Really Better?!"

((me at Peel's attic, where the 7" Singles were stored ... circa 1989))

Good evening comrades,

I was wondering recently whether I’m all alone in my opinion that the vast majority of songs recorded for John Peel’s BBC program is way better than their “regular” versions, the ones you and me know by heart.  There might often be just minor differences, I admit, but those differences make the Peel Session versions somewhat special.

Recently I had one of those rare evenings when Little Loser slept early without making all too much fuzz beforehand plus Mrs Loser was out, so I took the chance and compiled a little mix thing of old punk and punk/wave related stuff … there shouldn’t be a single tune included which you can’t sing along to if you are approaching your 50th birthday:  something which by and large is true for each and every reader of this blog, I’m afraid (apart from JC who is even older, but there you are …). This of course meant that I could forget about preparing a second mix, one with the original versions, because, so I’m sure, you all know them anyway.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent on preparing this mix and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

So almost all of you should easily be able to compare when you listen to the mix. I’m sure it’ll bring back memories … and perhaps there might even be one or two amongst you who’ll find something brandnew in it. I doubt that though …

Three little remarks:

  1. If ANYONE of you English guys is able to provide me with the lyrics of the first tune, I’d be eternally grateful: I will include you in my last will and testament, promised!!
  2. The sound quality of the second track is rather dodgy (compared to the rest), but don’t let that put you off and shut the thing down: this tune is so good (and this version is not heard all too often) that I definitely wanted to include it.
  3. I am by no means a mixing professional (as you will easily be able to tell very soon), this was “recorded” in one take with some cheap freeware, plus I had two bottles of beer along with it, so bear with me please!

So HERE we go, an hour and a bit of pure unadulterated fun for you and your families … pogo time even ... if your back agrees:


  1. Basement Five – ‘Last White Christmas‘ (1980)
  2. The Rezillos – ‘Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight’ (1978)
  3. Ian Dury & The Blockheads – ‘Sweet Gene Vincent’ (1977)
  4. Madness – ‘The Prince’ (1979)
  5. The Members – ‘Sound Of The Suburbs’ (1979)
  6. The Only Ones – ‘Another Girl  Another Planet’ (1978)
  7. Joy Division – ‘Transmission’ (1979)
  8. Sisters Of Mercy – ‘Alice’ (1982)
  9. Siouxsie & The Banshees – ‘Mirage’ (1977)
  10. The Fall – ‘Container Drivers’ (1980)
  11. The Adverts – ‘Looking Through Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ (1977)
  12. Stiff Little Fingers – ‘Suspect Device’ (1978)
  13. Sham 69 – ‘Hey Little Rich Boy’ (1977)
  14. The Buzzcocks – ‘ESP’ (1979)
  15. The Jam – ‘In The City’ (1977)
  16. Magazine – ‘The Light Pours Out Of Me’ (1978)
  17. Wire – ‘I Am The Fly’ (1978)
  18. The Undertones – ‘Here Comes The Summer’ (1979)
  19. The Slits – ‘Love And Romance’ (1977)
  20. The Flys – ‘Love And  Molotov Cocktail’ (1978)
  21. Swell Maps – ‘Read About Seymour’ (1978)
  22. UK Subs – ‘Stranglehold’ (1978)
  23. The Stranglers – ‘Somethin’ Better Change’ (1977)
  24. The Cure – ‘Fire In Cairo’ (1978)
  25. X-Ray Spex – ‘Warrior’ (1978)
  26. The Beat – ‘Ranking Full Stop’ (1979)


Please let me know what you think: is it just me or are these versions really better/more interesting/superior?

Any comment is highly appreciated, of course!

Take good care,


Saturday, April 12, 2014

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 8)

 Hello friends,

for a change the sun is shining and it's weekend ... which for me means that my wife forces me to do stupid garden work all day! But I managed to steal myself away from it (which is a dangerous thing to do, believe me) for a few minutes, just in order to tell you to a) never get married and b) never build a house or you'll end up like me!

Here's something I already prepared the other night for you, another one of those old Peel tapes again, from 1993 this time. (Then) new stuff, combined with some cracking oldies ... just the way it should be, I'd say:

Peel 213, C. 042/1:
2623  Sunday Never Comes Around Po!
2624  I Smell Trouble Little Johnny Taylor
2625  Vampire Belairs
2626  Tracers Yardstick
2627  Kimble Lee Perry
2628  Fuzzbuster Mudhoney
2629  Goldenes Spielzeug DAF
2630  Sheela Na-Gig P.J. Harvey
2631  Stylus Flight Equitek
2632  Texture Catherine Wheel
2633  Pleasant Valley Sunday Wedding Present     

As ususal you can choose between each tune filed seperately (here) or a mix of them all (here).

Enjoy your weekend (more than I do) ... gotta run again!

Take good care,


Saturday, March 15, 2014

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 7)

for one reason or another fucking Blogger won't allow me to load a photo,
so kindly imagine some old tapes to be pictured at this point ...

Good morning folks,

Little Loser slept and Grandma's place last night and hasn't returned yet which this morning gives me one of those rare opportunities to sit in front of the computer for more than five minutes without him coming up and telling me to go away so that he can watch other kids' Cars collections on Youtube.

Instead we'll have another one of those old Peel tapes, and why not? As I mentioned before: it gives me enormous pleasure to complete one of those, so much so that I - finally - have all the songs on the computer and can share them with you, of course.

This time I picked one back from late December 1999, some good stuff on it plus three oldies but goodies, so I assume it should meet with your approval. Especially the second tune should, it really is a masterpiece in my eyes!

Just let me know if this may or may not be the case, will you?

Peel 357, C. 298/1:
4418 Sinister Purpose Creedence Clearwater Revival 
4419 Alamuana Fade Away Princess Kaiulani
4420 The Same Brother Brick
4421 Unsorry High Fidelity
4422 Emma Blowgun's Last Stand Beulah
4423 It's Clichéd To Be Cynical At  
  Christmas    Half Man Half Biscuit
4424 Inga Penga Soulbossa
4425 Christmas In Vietnam Johnny & Jon
4426 How He Wrote Elastica Man Elastica & Mark E. Smith
4427 Birthday Song Fall
4428 There's Never Been A Night Quads

As usual, here it comes as a folder (each track seperately) or as a mix.

Have fun,


Friday, February 21, 2014

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 9

Hello my beauties,

my 200th post, and who would have though this back in September 2007? Not me, that's for sure! Of course 200 posts are nothing compared to the likes of JC, Swiss Adam and/or Drew who post on a daily basis for years and years now without any fail ... quite astonishing to me!
Little Loser's Lottery it is again, because, judging from the comments, this series seems to have struck a chord with some of you. It certainly has with me, because in some perverse way it makes me rather proud when the little shunshine drags out beauty after beauty from the record collection.

This time he had to have a go at the box where the singles A to K are in, these are the five he came up with, with closed eyes, I should add:

From 1997 on Chè Trading. He seems to have a soft spot for Helen Love, because he chose one by them in the previous part of the series. Nothing wrong with that, of course! (Still) going strong since 1993, as far as I know, and Joey Ramone will always be in their hearts!


Also from 1997, but on Guided Missile Records. Haven't heard that for a long time indeed, and rather good it is, too. Nice choice! If someone knows which Dick Johnson they had in mind when choosing the band name: answers on a postcard, please!


Fontana Records, 1992. Another winner, that's for sure! Quite an underrated song of theirs, I always thought, people made the mistake to compare it too much with the magic that 'Come Home' and 'Sit Down' brought. Not very clever perhaps, because 'Frustration' is a neat song indeed!


A somewhat more antiquated pick and - again - nothing wrong with that! On Bright Records from 1978, a total classic! Their fourth single and - again - quite underrated in my books (ask 100 people for a song by The Adverts and 99 will come up with 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes'. Also: ask 100 people for a member of The Adverts and 99 will come up with TV Smith. No-one will ever name Gay Advert, although she really was dead cool ... and enormously attractive (in a bizarre/punk way).


Another fantastic choice, one of the very few records out of the Neue Deutsche Welle which has stood the test of time. On Reflektor Z from 1981, although originally issued one year earlier, with the B-Side (to this) 'Flieger, Grüß' Mir Die Sonne', being the A-Side. The better tune, if you ask me, but this is A-Sides only, so there you are. I remember this record caused quite some trouble back then because people thought the kids would take the title literally (it translates as 'Hooray Hooray The School Is Burning'). No German school was set on fire though, at least as far as I know. I must say that after listening to it again after all those years I'm still fond of the singer's (Kai Havaii) voice ... what a guy! One of the very first bands I saw play live, more or less exactly on this date 29 years ago, on 18.02.85, along with The Bangles and The Times.

As usual, please let me know what you think, so that I can pass on your feelings on to Little Loser. He always seems to be rather proud when I tell him that someone from a different part of the world had some enjoyment in what he picked.

So leave a comment and make him happy, he deserves it 'cos he picked some great tunes again!



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Is This The Life?"

Morning friends,

regular and frequent commenter The Robster now has a blog of its own called 'Is This The Life?' ... and it's really really good, so check it out here:


Judging from the first three posts on "Is This The Life" I'm looking forward to read more soon! Cleverly written, great music and the first blog I have ever seen which has footnotes ... now, how cool is that?

Keep up the fine work, Robster!

Good luck,


Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 8

Hello friends,
on the weekend I ordered Little Loser into my office and forced him to pick ten 7" singles out of  two big boxes. He immediately started searching for cool coloured sleeves and I made clear to him that this special job had to be done with closed eyes ... which he by and large managed to do.
Here come his choices and they are very fine (and interesting) indeed. At least in my humble opinon.
Enjoy, enjoy and please let me know what you think (so that I can tell him):
Helen Love - 'Shifty Disco Girl' ('00)

Jeez, I do love Helen Love and this record is good throughout. Then again nothing beats their 'Girl About Town': if you don't know this tune, get hold of it now!

Comes in a stiff cardboard sleeve, marginally bigger than a regular 7", that most likely is why Little Loser decided to pick it: and why not .... Birdland were not too shabby back then and I think I have to listen to their debut LP again soon ...

Another very fine record, albeit a bit special perhaps. But it has one of my all-time favourite songs on it, 'Wait Until You're Older' ... a mighty tune!!

Flophouse - 'Right Now' ('91)

Great stuff again, although very badly produced: you really have to turn the volume up here, so much so that Audacity couldn't really manage the rip properly. Blame it on my crap soundcard!


Okay, not every one can be a winner, right? How this managed to land in my collection, I simply don't know: perhaps it belongs to my wife and I didn't file it properly (= bin it straightaway). Then again, listening to it again after several decades whilst ripping it made me realize why it was such a massive hit back then ....

Melanie - 'Ruby Tuesday' ('70)

Another questionable choice and another one where I don't know where the record comes from. Listen to it and see what you make out of Melanie's version of the Stones - tune ...

Dead cool stuff, which has to be played good and loud as well: I wish I'd get me hands on more records by The Cateran one of these days!

The Style Council - 'Speak Like A Child' ('83)

Hadn't heard this for quite a while, too, thus: thank you, my son, for picking it! I must say on the evidence of that I never wasn't all too furious when the break-up of The Jam was announced. Also I never had great difficulties in understanding not to compare the two bands.

Link Wray and The Raymen with Bunker Hill - 'Friday Night Dance Party' ('62)

A single from 1996, the songs were previously unreleased. What a shame, because their are brilliant! The B-Side is even better, here Bunker sings (completely out of his head) whilst being accompanied by Link. But it's A- Sides only today, so there you are ....

Released in 1991 in order to promote the 'The Singles' - collection. Astonishingly enough this had 'The Right Profile' on its back ... a strange choice, rather brave I would think!
So what do you think I can tell Little Loser? Personally I think he did a fabulous job (again) and I'm willing to have a small bet that some of you might think I made this up ... let me tell you that this is totally untrue, he picked them all by himself!