Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Is The Peel Session Version Really Better?!" - Part 2

Good evening my beauties,

some of you might remember this 'Is The Peel Session Version Really Better?!" - post I did quite some time ago, if not, don't be all too ashamed! Either way, this post must have struck a chord with some of you, at least judging from the (amount of) comments it did. Then again it is an interesting question, of course, one that is not too easy to answer, I would think. And, obviously, not generally answerable anyway.

Personally, I didn't come to a conclusion on too many of the tracks I featured in the first post. So I thought I'd try to make my mind up with different tracks, again all tunes one knows by heart for many years (or at least you fucking should if you have at least a bit of taste!!), tunes you can easily sing along to, tunes you really love the way they are.  So here are a few more of those for you, friends, albeit in a version you might not be familiar with. Some are rather close to the original, some vary a great deal indeed.

And, again, it's up to you to decide which version you prefer: the comment section is now opened and I do hope that some of you let us know what you think of it all.

I should add that I am not entirely happy with the sound quality of a few of the below tracks, but I'm afraid that's the way things are with the Peel Sessions that are not legally frequently available. Don't let this spoil your enjoyment though, it is a fine selection, to be sure. Enjoy:

01 - Galaxie 500 - 'Blue Thunder' - Peel Session 1989
02 - James - 'Hymn From A Village' - Peel Session 1983
03 - Pulp - 'Common People' - Peel Session 1994
04 - Rezillos - 'My Baby Does Good Sculptures' - Peel Session 1977
05 - Shop Assistants - 'Safety Net' - Peel Session 1985
06 - Quads - 'There Must Be Thousands' - Peel Session 1979
07 - Specials - 'Gangsters' - Peel Session 1979
08 - Blue Orchids - 'No Looking Back' - Peel Session 1982
09 - Pixies - 'Levitate Me' - Peel Session 1988
10 - Cramps - 'What's Inside A Girl'  - Peel Session 1985
11 - Cure - 'Six Different Ways' - Peel Session 1985
12 - Wreckless Eric - 'Semaphore Signals'  - Peel Session 1977
13 - Smiths - 'Reel Around The Fountain' - Peel Session 1983
14 - Buzzcocks  - 'Promises' - Peel Session 1978
15 - Chameleons - 'Looking Inwardly' - Peel Session 1981
16 - Leyton Buzzards - 'Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees' - Peel Session 1978
17 - Altered Images - 'Dead Pop Stars' - Peel Session 1980
18 - A Flock Of Seagulls - 'I Ran' - Peel Session 1981
19 - X-Ray Spex - 'Warrior In Woolworths'  - Peel Session 1978
20 - Primitives - 'Stop Killing Me' - Peel Session 1986
21 - Housemartins - 'Happy Hour' - Peel Session 1986
22 - Magazine - 'The Light Pours Out Of Me' - Peel Session 1978
23 - Inspiral Carpets - 'Directing Traffic' - Peel Session 1989
24 - Selecter - 'Street Feeling'  - Peel Session 1979
25 - Gang Of Four - 'I Found That Essence Rare' - Peel Session 1979
26 - Elastica - 'Vaseline' - Peel Session 1993
27 - Sugarcubes - 'Deus' - Peel Session 1987
28 - Young Marble Giants - 'Final Day' - Peel Session 1980

And for the lazy sods amongst you, those who prefer to have it all in one go, here's another one of my little mixes, all 28 tunes more or less neatly and rather unprofessionally segued into another:

Da Mix

Take good care and let me know what you think of it, alright? Any astonishing favourites? Anything you consider to be absolute crap? Anything new at all?

Have fun,


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 11

Hello friends,

a sunny Sunday morning to you, that's if my automatic timing of this post works out correctly. Apparently I'm writing this on a rainy Saturday evening in a bit of a hurry, because, believe it or not, the wife and me will be going out for dinner and a few drinks afterwards with two good mates: something we haven't been doing for some time really. Little Loser has been picked up by his grandparents a few minutes ago, where he'll spend the night after returning from a "restaurant" as well (I chose inverted commas because they'll visit the Big 'M', as usual, where he'll go for a Happy Meal just because of the included plastic toy, also as usual).

On the other hand, apart from the really bad ones (Thompson Twins and The Stranglers (why the fuck did he go for 'No Mercy' and left out as well the 'Duchess' as the 'Golden Brown' - 7", both of which are still awesome??!!)), he picked two belters as well: Metal Mike (that's Mike Saunders out of The Angry Samoans btw) and PM Dawn. I went for the B-Side of the 'Paper Doll' - 7", because I regard it as being the better tune ... and this one really will grow on you, so listen carefully!

The Psychedelic Furs, well, yes, you can take it or leave it, but don't you forget that the original version is from 1981 and it was really really good back then. They made some money out of the 1986 John Hughes film and I can't blame them for doing so and neither can you, I suppose.

Enough said, I have to shower and dress myself up now, please enjoy Little Loser' picks for today:

Don't forget to leave nice comments, as usual I'll pass them on to him (he's always so delighted when I tell him that someone from another part of the world (i.e. England) has something to say about what he picked)!