Saturday, April 12, 2014

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 8)

 Hello friends,

for a change the sun is shining and it's weekend ... which for me means that my wife forces me to do stupid garden work all day! But I managed to steal myself away from it (which is a dangerous thing to do, believe me) for a few minutes, just in order to tell you to a) never get married and b) never build a house or you'll end up like me!

Here's something I already prepared the other night for you, another one of those old Peel tapes again, from 1993 this time. (Then) new stuff, combined with some cracking oldies ... just the way it should be, I'd say:

Peel 213, C. 042/1:
2623  Sunday Never Comes Around Po!
2624  I Smell Trouble Little Johnny Taylor
2625  Vampire Belairs
2626  Tracers Yardstick
2627  Kimble Lee Perry
2628  Fuzzbuster Mudhoney
2629  Goldenes Spielzeug DAF
2630  Sheela Na-Gig P.J. Harvey
2631  Stylus Flight Equitek
2632  Texture Catherine Wheel
2633  Pleasant Valley Sunday Wedding Present     

As ususal you can choose between each tune filed seperately (here) or a mix of them all (here).

Enjoy your weekend (more than I do) ... gotta run again!

Take good care,


Saturday, March 15, 2014

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 7)

for one reason or another fucking Blogger won't allow me to load a photo,
so kindly imagine some old tapes to be pictured at this point ...

Good morning folks,

Little Loser slept and Grandma's place last night and hasn't returned yet which this morning gives me one of those rare opportunities to sit in front of the computer for more than five minutes without him coming up and telling me to go away so that he can watch other kids' Cars collections on Youtube.

Instead we'll have another one of those old Peel tapes, and why not? As I mentioned before: it gives me enormous pleasure to complete one of those, so much so that I - finally - have all the songs on the computer and can share them with you, of course.

This time I picked one back from late December 1999, some good stuff on it plus three oldies but goodies, so I assume it should meet with your approval. Especially the second tune should, it really is a masterpiece in my eyes!

Just let me know if this may or may not be the case, will you?

Peel 357, C. 298/1:
4418 Sinister Purpose Creedence Clearwater Revival 
4419 Alamuana Fade Away Princess Kaiulani
4420 The Same Brother Brick
4421 Unsorry High Fidelity
4422 Emma Blowgun's Last Stand Beulah
4423 It's Clichéd To Be Cynical At  
  Christmas    Half Man Half Biscuit
4424 Inga Penga Soulbossa
4425 Christmas In Vietnam Johnny & Jon
4426 How He Wrote Elastica Man Elastica & Mark E. Smith
4427 Birthday Song Fall
4428 There's Never Been A Night Quads

As usual, here it comes as a folder (each track seperately) or as a mix.

Have fun,


Friday, February 21, 2014

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 9

Hello my beauties,

my 200th post, and who would have though this back in September 2007? Not me, that's for sure! Of course 200 posts are nothing compared to the likes of JC, Swiss Adam and/or Drew who post on a daily basis for years and years now without any fail ... quite astonishing to me!
Little Loser's Lottery it is again, because, judging from the comments, this series seems to have struck a chord with some of you. It certainly has with me, because in some perverse way it makes me rather proud when the little shunshine drags out beauty after beauty from the record collection.

This time he had to have a go at the box where the singles A to K are in, these are the five he came up with, with closed eyes, I should add:

From 1997 on Chè Trading. He seems to have a soft spot for Helen Love, because he chose one by them in the previous part of the series. Nothing wrong with that, of course! (Still) going strong since 1993, as far as I know, and Joey Ramone will always be in their hearts!


Also from 1997, but on Guided Missile Records. Haven't heard that for a long time indeed, and rather good it is, too. Nice choice! If someone knows which Dick Johnson they had in mind when choosing the band name: answers on a postcard, please!


Fontana Records, 1992. Another winner, that's for sure! Quite an underrated song of theirs, I always thought, people made the mistake to compare it too much with the magic that 'Come Home' and 'Sit Down' brought. Not very clever perhaps, because 'Frustration' is a neat song indeed!


A somewhat more antiquated pick and - again - nothing wrong with that! On Bright Records from 1978, a total classic! Their fourth single and - again - quite underrated in my books (ask 100 people for a song by The Adverts and 99 will come up with 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes'. Also: ask 100 people for a member of The Adverts and 99 will come up with TV Smith. No-one will ever name Gay Advert, although she really was dead cool ... and enormously attractive (in a bizarre/punk way).


Another fantastic choice, one of the very few records out of the Neue Deutsche Welle which has stood the test of time. On Reflektor Z from 1981, although originally issued one year earlier, with the B-Side (to this) 'Flieger, Grüß' Mir Die Sonne', being the A-Side. The better tune, if you ask me, but this is A-Sides only, so there you are. I remember this record caused quite some trouble back then because people thought the kids would take the title literally (it translates as 'Hooray Hooray The School Is Burning'). No German school was set on fire though, at least as far as I know. I must say that after listening to it again after all those years I'm still fond of the singer's (Kai Havaii) voice ... what a guy! One of the very first bands I saw play live, more or less exactly on this date 29 years ago, on 18.02.85, along with The Bangles and The Times.

As usual, please let me know what you think, so that I can pass on your feelings on to Little Loser. He always seems to be rather proud when I tell him that someone from a different part of the world had some enjoyment in what he picked.

So leave a comment and make him happy, he deserves it 'cos he picked some great tunes again!



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Is This The Life?"

Morning friends,

regular and frequent commenter The Robster now has a blog of its own called 'Is This The Life?' ... and it's really really good, so check it out here:

Judging from the first three posts on "Is This The Life" I'm looking forward to read more soon! Cleverly written, great music and the first blog I have ever seen which has footnotes ... now, how cool is that?

Keep up the fine work, Robster!

Good luck,


Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 8

Hello friends,
on the weekend I ordered Little Loser into my office and forced him to pick ten 7" singles out of  two big boxes. He immediately started searching for cool coloured sleeves and I made clear to him that this special job had to be done with closed eyes ... which he by and large managed to do.
Here come his choices and they are very fine (and interesting) indeed. At least in my humble opinon.
Enjoy, enjoy and please let me know what you think (so that I can tell him):
Helen Love - 'Shifty Disco Girl' ('00)

Jeez, I do love Helen Love and this record is good throughout. Then again nothing beats their 'Girl About Town': if you don't know this tune, get hold of it now!

Comes in a stiff cardboard sleeve, marginally bigger than a regular 7", that most likely is why Little Loser decided to pick it: and why not .... Birdland were not too shabby back then and I think I have to listen to their debut LP again soon ...

Another very fine record, albeit a bit special perhaps. But it has one of my all-time favourite songs on it, 'Wait Until You're Older' ... a mighty tune!!

Flophouse - 'Right Now' ('91)

Great stuff again, although very badly produced: you really have to turn the volume up here, so much so that Audacity couldn't really manage the rip properly. Blame it on my crap soundcard!


Okay, not every one can be a winner, right? How this managed to land in my collection, I simply don't know: perhaps it belongs to my wife and I didn't file it properly (= bin it straightaway). Then again, listening to it again after several decades whilst ripping it made me realize why it was such a massive hit back then ....

Melanie - 'Ruby Tuesday' ('70)

Another questionable choice and another one where I don't know where the record comes from. Listen to it and see what you make out of Melanie's version of the Stones - tune ...

Dead cool stuff, which has to be played good and loud as well: I wish I'd get me hands on more records by The Cateran one of these days!

The Style Council - 'Speak Like A Child' ('83)

Hadn't heard this for quite a while, too, thus: thank you, my son, for picking it! I must say on the evidence of that I never wasn't all too furious when the break-up of The Jam was announced. Also I never had great difficulties in understanding not to compare the two bands.

Link Wray and The Raymen with Bunker Hill - 'Friday Night Dance Party' ('62)

A single from 1996, the songs were previously unreleased. What a shame, because their are brilliant! The B-Side is even better, here Bunker sings (completely out of his head) whilst being accompanied by Link. But it's A- Sides only today, so there you are ....

Released in 1991 in order to promote the 'The Singles' - collection. Astonishingly enough this had 'The Right Profile' on its back ... a strange choice, rather brave I would think!
So what do you think I can tell Little Loser? Personally I think he did a fabulous job (again) and I'm willing to have a small bet that some of you might think I made this up ... let me tell you that this is totally untrue, he picked them all by himself!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 6)

Good morning my lovelies,

'you've been crying now for much too long - and now you're gonna dance to a different song' to mis-quote The Damned ... without further ado here's another one of those old Peel tapes for ya ... quite white I always end up with the 1985 - stuff I don't know ... it simply gives me great pleasure, this year. Hope it meets with your approval as well!

Peel 027, C. 017/2:

286 Come Before Christ And Murder
Love Death In June
287 Flower Sonic Youth
288 Some Fantasy Doublehappys
289 Lite Life Angst
290 Cure By Choice Marc Riley & The Creepers
291 A Swingin' Safari Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle
292 S.Fr. Nomenklatura Parts 1 & 2 Front 242
293 Small Man, Big Mouth Minor Threat
294 Won't Change Hüsker Dü
295 Sealclubbing Half Man Half Biscuit
296 Some Candy Talking Jesus & Mary Chain
297 Safety Net Shop Assistants
298 Once More Wedding Present

Business as usual: as a folder (here) or in the mix (here).

Enjoy, enjoy and let me know if you did or not!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

"In The End It Took Me A Dictionary To Find Out The Meaning Of 'Unrequited' ..."

Hello folks,

 this post intends to take the cudgels for those of us middle-aged men who still suffer from shocking memories of girls having turned them down (or, if you’d rather, were responsible for non-sexual events) when we were still younger and pretty as a picture: have a look over at Swiss Adam’s very fine “Bagging Area” to get the background, the comment section of his ‘Costa Blanca’ post will explain why I have a feeling that this post (series even? On other blogs as well? Hopefully!) is indeed necessary …

 Sure, it happened to all of us back then – more or less frequently even, I suppose – and it shouldn’t be a cause for worry these days any longer. Still it was unfair and I often wonder whether I am the only person on earth who still remembers his failures from 30 years ago so well? Are other men as well able to fade out two or three decades in their more or less bald heads just like that and let their thoughts time travel without any difficulties at all, so much so that the memories of the unfairness presented to us then come back crystal clear? And, most importantly: can women do it as well? Or do they care even less about these non-events today than they cared back then? Also, and that’s a question of vital importance for mankind, one of the great mysteries in life if you like: whatever happened to all of the tapes we made for them?!

 Okay, enough philosophy, you freaks are all waiting for hard facts, I know. Today’s tale happened when I was 15 and went to secondary modern school (which is junior high for you Americans). The Smiths released their first singles and by and large I was the only one in class who thought they were the best thing since sliced bread apart from one girl who had the same feelings. The was absolutely cute as well, totally contrary to me I suppose. Nevertheless I thought that the fact that the both of us were some kind of outsiders musicwise would justify a “deeper relation” (to express it politely, I guess you all know what I had in mind … I was 15, as I said). To my great dismay nothing ever happened, although we sometimes saw each other after school as well. Summer came and I went on holiday to Spain with me parents, to Sitges in fact (that’s before Sitges became Spain’s gay capital, mind you). The girl went to Rosas with her parents at the same time, so before we left Germany we rather vaguely contemplated to see each other in Spain, if possible.

 As you might imagine the first thing I did when arriving in Sitges was trying to figure out how to get to Rosas by train and I found out that there was indeed an affordable possibility, so a few days later off I went early in the morning. It’s like 50 kilometers from Sitges to Barcelona, where I had to change trains, and then another 150 kilometers to go to Rosas. No problem for me, although my Spanish diminishes itself to ‘hola’, ‘que tal?’ and ‘una cerveza por favor’ … I spent my time in the trains enjoying the sea on my right side and imagening the beautiful things she would do to me later on that day: half-naked, right on the sand of a quiet Rosas bay, just the two of us … you get the point. The afternoon itself, as you might already have guessed, turned out to be somewhat rather more uneventful though: we had an icecream or two somewhere, wandered around a bit and then it was high time for the twerp to get the train back home again, because hadn't realized that:


1)      the damned train would stop at every cowshed from Barcelona to Rosas

2)      it'd take me ages to get from the Rosas train station to the outskirts where the girl’s villa was located

3)      I’d have to face the very same problems contained in  1) and 2) again if I ever wanted to get back to Sitges

So off I went, kiss on the cheek, see you in school, goodbye. What a waste of time! I was not in the best of moods when I got on the train back to Barcelona and I really thought that my poor life couldn’t get any more miserable. I was wrong though as it turned out, because when I reached Barcelona in the early evening – hungry and with only a few Pesos left in my pockets - I had to learn that for one reason or another there was no more train down to Sitges. (Note to younger readers: mobile phones didn’t exist back in these days, believe it or not, nor were cash points as frequently displayed as they are today). A bus ride, as far as I could tell, wasn’t offered as well, so my only option was to get a taxi. Now, I think you all know what a 50 kilometer taxi ride through the night costs these days and believe me when I tell you that it wasn’t very much cheaper back in the Eighties. Especially not for a tourist.  But of course I quickly came up with a solution: “No big deal”, such was my brilliant plan, “as soon as the taxi stops somewhere when approaching Sitges, I get out and disappear into the dark”.

 Again, as you might imagine, I was too much of a coward to do this when we first stopped, also when we stopped for the second and the third time. The opportunities to execute my great masterplan rather quickly diminished and before I could say ahora que estoy muerto the taxi stopped in front of our holiday appartment. Waking up my parents in the middle of the night, explaining them the whole story and finally asking them to pay the taxi driver the equivalent value of - so I guess – the bit that up until this wonderful evening didn’t allow him to apply for early retirement pension was the ultimate indignity.

 As you - again - might have already gathered: my parents were outraged for the rest of the holiday and I certainly didn’t have a good time altogether until we went back home again. I’ve lost track about what happened with the girl, I suppose not very much later she quickly devoted herself lustfully to a bloke much older and brighter than myself, a die-hard Genesis fan most probably.

 Oh, ain’t life grand?!

 Here’s an appropriate tune, one of Little Loser’s favourites. Another note to younger readers: the singer calls himself “Olga”, despite of the fact that he’s male.

 -"I think I'll ring, Kendra. Hello? It's Olga. C-can I speak to Kendra please?"
-"Just hold on a minute pet. Kendra? Olga's on the phone, do you want to speak to him?"
-"Ah! I cannot."

I first saw Kendra at a pub called the Ramside Hall - in Durham
So sweet and tender but she did not even see me at all - No
She looked so nice, she smelled so fine
Oh, how I wished that Kendra was mine
5 foot 1 and eyes that were blue
A smile that made me melt
Oh, what could I do?

I had to get Kendra's telephone number really quick - Yes
If I came straight to the point it would do the trick - Yes
I asked her if she'd like to go out with me
She said that she was flattered, but I just couldn't see
Why she said...

Oh! Olga I cannot...
Oh! Olga I cannot...

My boyfriend's sitting on the Seatee
He does not want you to see me
So Olgaaaaa... I cannot.

I was really de-pressed, what could I do? I was blue
I'll ring her up again in a day or two, on Monday
Her boyfriend wasn't there, so I felt lucky
Howza bout now baby come out with me?
And she said... she said...

I would if I could, but I don't think I should
I can't, well I can but I shan't - it's not good man
Olga... I cannot... I cannot! I cannot!! I cannot!!!!

I'm sorry that I ever rang
She said "Don't be dafted. Oh! Olga man
I want to see you, don't get me wrong
I'll contact you soon, it won't be long
But at the moment... I cannot."

I called Kendra another fifty times on the phone - Yes
She agreed to meet me, but I should have known - Yes
I wound the window down in the Rolls Royce
I said "Jump in the back!" and then I heard her voice
Start to say...Start to say...

I'm going to Lloret for my holiday in Spain
And when I get back, I still cannot again!
so Olgaaaaaaa....

I talked it over with my mum and me dad
But even my sister and the dog think I'm mad!
So Olga.... yes Olga..... I cannot.



PS: I want my tapes back, Melanie. All of them! Now!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 7

Good evening friends,

as one or two of you quite liked what Litttle Loser picked in the last post, I now dragged him to the records and told him to pick three of those. Being as lazy as his father, he fulfilled this duty within three seconds ... just concentrating on the 'S' - section. I have to admit he'd have needed a chair to reach 'A' - 'M' and I always tell him not to climb on chairs, so it's not all laziness, to be honest!

So there you go, he ténds to like some Ska, and nothing wrong with that, I'd think:

The Selecter - 'Carry Go Bring Home' ('80) (from 'Too Much Pressure' on Chrysalis, originally done by Justin Hines)

Soft Cell - 'Chips On My Shoulder' ('81) (from 'Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret' on Vertigo)

Ska-Boom - 'Romeo' (live Abbey Park '89) (from 'Lost In Ska' on Extremely Nice Records (from '90), a band from Leicester, apart from that I know nothing much about them, not even when I probably last listened to this record)

Inbetween those he left out Senseless Things, Sex Pistols, Shonen Knife (twice), Silicon Teens, Six By Seven, Slab, Slow Bongo Floyd and Snuff.

Next time: the 7" singles ... which might perhaps be a bit easier for his little hands ... I'm willing to have a small bet he'll just pick records with cars on the cover and won't hesitate to neglect those with half-naked women on it ... but your priorities will change soon, son .. listen to my words!



Sunday, December 1, 2013

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 6

A very good morning to you, friends!

More than a year ago since I we last had this, but yesterday I forced Little Loser (now 5 and a bit) to choose 5 songs from my files in the computer. I've said this before, but (still) he can't read (not that he should be able to) and thus his choices really are perfectly undeliberate ... as they should be, of course!

Here's what he came up with, all in all not too bad, I'd say:

What do you think, ey? I mean, then again it wasn't all too hard for him to choose something beautiful because of my extraordinarily good taste in music which reflects itself in the tunes I have on me harddrive ... seriously though: if you knew how big the pile of crap is that can be found on said harddrive, you'd be astnished how good his job was: I - personally - love him for what he did!

Enjoy your Sunday,


Friday, November 29, 2013

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 5)

Good morning friends,

and yes, we move forward in time with these Peel tapes today, to early October 1997 in fact, and again this is but a gem of a tape, I would like to think!

As you all know, Peel was loved most for the variety of styles he offered and this tape proves that perfectly well ... you really get everything from a 1984 - favourite (Danse Society) to some Jamaican Dub (Upsetters) to a really underrated Soul corker (Sam and Bill) to (then) brandnew stuff from 1997, including two tracks from Prolapse from their 'Italian Flag' - album plus another two tracks from what is my favourite album of that year: 'Gravelands' by Jimmy 'The King' Brown and The Questionnaires (on the album/CD they style themselves as 'The King', so let's settle for that).

Now, The King was a postman from Dublin, a guy with a terrific voice, and, albeit there were (and, I suppose, still are) too many Elvis impersonators around, he really deserves the title he gave to himself.  'Gravelands' compiles songs of people who are dead, all done in an Elvis - style more or less. As I said, my favourite album from 1997, there isn't a bad tune on it, honestly. Get it while you can, you won't be disappointed!

I had the chance to see this guy live and it was unbelievable, perhaps even better than on record.

But enough of this, enjoy the other music as well, folks. So here you are, Peel 329 from October 1997:

Peel 329, C. 272/1:
4077 Flat Velocity Curve Prolapse
4078 Shallow Existence Extreme Noise Terror
4079 Plastic Supermodel Anorak Girl
4080 Clint Eastwood Upsetters
4081 Slash/Oblique Prolapse
4082 All Or Nothing The King
4083 Should It Wait Mocket
4084 Angel Danse Society
4085 Look Up And Be Amazed Beatnik Filmstars
4086 IPC Subeditors Dictate Our 
Youth Clinic
4087 Come As You Are The King
4088 I Feel Like Cryin' Sam & Bill

1) as a folder, each song separately: download
2) mixed/one big file: download

Let me know what you think, please, especially I would like to know if I'm all alone with my opinion about The King!

Also, as I said, if you like those Peel tapes and want me to hear more from a certain period of time (1984 - 2001): just call out, alright?



Monday, November 25, 2013

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 4)

Evening friends of the family,

yeeeeah, I know: ages since I last found the time to post something here and now that this is being changed ... it's one of those boring old Peel tapes again.

It's a lame excuse, but the problems with me ears haven't really been solved since the last post, so it is quite a struggle these days to sit down in the evening and listen to music, that's if I find the time to do so at all. Recently - in addition to the above - my neck started hurting like hell, which makes it even harder. But I won't complain and yes, I know, if I were a horse I'd most probably be shot ... and quite rightly so.

As for the Peel tape: this time I went for some more contemporary stuff (if you like to call a step from late 1985 to early 1990 contemporary), so in one form or another it is something of an achievement for you younger readers, I like to think!

Generally I try to be very honest to myself and put up only those tapes of which I found every single song somewhere. I mean, it would be easy for me to delete one line or two from the Excel sheet, you wouldn't spot a difference, right? And I tried very hard indeed to come up with a full one, belive me, several attempts had been made within the last weeks, but I always failed when it came to some obscure song by, for example, some even more obscure North Korean fishermen, who managed to have their singalong being released on vinyl on some obscure label from Ruandi Burundi in early 40's. How Peel got his hands on this stuff I will never fully understand, nor will I understand why I decided to tape it when he played it on BFBS! But there you go: if I don't find it in the net, I won't call the tape completed.

The only thing I'm to blame for with this tape is that I didn't find the 7" version of 'Brassneck', I put up the album version instead: I hope you will forgive this though ... blame it on my neck and the fact that is high time to move my cute little ass into my waterbed in the room nearby!

So here you are, Peel 134, from, as I said, February 1990. Great stuff altogether, I'm sure you'll agree:

Hate The Police Mudhoney
Brassneck (Version) Wedding Present
Great Expectations Would Be's
Sunday Head Creamers
Box Elder Wedding Present
Blue Thunder  Galaxie 500
Don't Talk, Just Kiss Wedding Present
Only Losers Take The Bus Fatima Mansions
I Don't Need You My Bloody Valentine
Held The Hand Daniel Johnston
Consume Heresy
Face Up To It Heresy
Something For The Longing Orchids
Chrome Jesus Lizard

As usual, it's your choice whether you prefer to have the tunes separately (here's the folder) or as another cute Megamix (here).

Either way, enjoy and leave comments telling me to proceed with this nonsense (Jesus, you may even request stuff from a special year and I see what is possible) ... or, if you'd rather, not to.



Friday, October 25, 2013

John Peel - Day 2013: "My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 3)


Hello dear friends,

sorry sorry sorry that I just got around to post this at this time of the day/evening, but I was stuck in office all day without any access to my music library.

John Peel - Day it is - or rather was - again today, and as usual I didn't come up with brilliant ideas about what to post on this special occasion, so I thought I'd just continue with another one of those old Peel BFBS - tapes.

And why not, I mean: it's music played by Peel back then and I assume there are one or two folk's faces out there to whom this old stuff might put a smile on ....

So please enjoy one of my favourite ones out of the nearly 400 tapes I recorded, Peel 018, from 1985:

Peel 018, C. 005/2:
179 Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of
Love) Ramones
180 Snipe Marc Riley with The Creepers
181 All That Ever Mattered Shop Assistants
182 Just One Kiss Cure
183 Swimming Ground Meat Puppets
184 Absolute Body Control DAF
185 The Blood Cure
186 King Of The Hill Minutemen
187 You Should Never Have Opened
That Door Ramones
188 Texas Wine Jon Wayne
189 Spinning Round Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
190 The Baby Screams Cure
191 Special Delivery Stomp Earl Bostic
192 Shadow Figure Marc Riley with The Creepers
193 Animal Kingdom Meat Puppets

Now, doesn't this tape really have everything you need in life? I mean, what more can you ask for?

As usual, downloadable as a folder, each tune separately (here) or as another awesome megamix (here).

Also, as usual, find the same thing - but with Peel bragging inbetween the tracks - on the Peel Wiki.

Keep it Peel, friends, will you?

Take good care,


Sunday, October 13, 2013

"My Old Peel Tapes ... Again!" (Pt. 2)

Good afternoon, my lovelies:

one comment to yesterday's post (so far):

George said...
Quality songs from 1985. Dino Lee's Good year I haven't heard for a long long time. I have it somewhere on CD, absolutely not recorded from the John Peel show. I have the Yeah Yeah Noh single packed away too. More of this please.
George, your will is my command, mate, therefore here's more of this indeed ... please enjoy Peel 9:
Peel 009, C. 012/1:
89The Girl Who Knew Too MuchJane Bond & The Undercovermen
90I Wish I Was A Single Girl
AgainBlood On The Saddle
91Fruit Flies3 Johns
92Jackpot JackRoom
93Warm LeatheretteNormal
94Party LineAbbreviated Ceiling
95World Turned Upside DownBilly Bragg
96That's How It'll BeLime Spiders

Get it here (folder) or here (in da mix, as they say).

Enjoy your Sunday, people!