Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"All Around The World ..." - Pt. 2

Good evening my lovelies,

I know you've eagerly been awaiting this second part, for sure! Apologies, as usual, for me being so late with it, but somehow I couldn't get myself in front of the computer in the evenings in the last four weeks, back from work and off to bed it was by and large ....

But now I've managed to find the time to compile what is Part 2 in this little series and the country we go to this time is, believe it or not: Belgium!

Now, I assume that most of you are at this very moment laughing out loud, especially the handful of people who might read this on the other side of the Atlantic. But don't you laugh too loud: Belgium had and has a lot to offer musicwise, friends!

I should explain that I spent a large part of my life living in Aachen, the most western town in Germany, located right at the border to Belgium and the Netherlands. Depending where you are in town it takes you a five minute walk and you are in Belgium. Or, if you'd rather, in the Netherlands. Belgium was even closer in the village where I grew up, in fact when I crossed our back lawn there was a railway track, which was Belgium territory. So in theory you could do something stupid, enter the railway track and German authorities couldn't have done anything to you. Which apparently my dad did when he was a lad in the 1960's, driving drunk and instead of hiding from the German cops that followed him, he entered the railway track and laughed his head off. A nice story and I'm sure he told it to me on various occasions, although when he came to visit us on Easter Sunday, he claimed this never happened and that I made this up!

But I digress, as I do so often. The proximity to Belgium of course meant that music swept over to us rather easily, and there was a shitload of cool bands, especially in the 80's. I am really curious to learn whether those names only mean something to me or if some of them they are common with one or two of you as well. If not, give them a chance, please, because there is some fine stuff in today's mix, believe me!

So don't be put off by all what is negative about Belgium: their language seperation, their ongoing government hassle, Dutroux and the fact that even now, 20 years after the horrid events, the wirepullers behind Dutroux are still being protected by highly influential circles within Belgium finance and politics. Instead look at what Belgium really stands for: nice and friendly people, fully illuminated motorways, French fries better than in France (the secret behind them is that they use ox fat to fry them in Belgium, you know!), great bars and clubs and, obviously, brilliant and innovative music ... and here's a small collection of exactly that .... so enjoy!

mp3: Belgium - mix

Please let me know what you thought of it, will you? Of course, if anyone from Belgium reads this, although this chance is rather limited, I know: your comment would be even more appreciated!

Take good care,



Dale said...

I once got into an argument over a parking space in Camden with dEUS. My band were supporting them later that evening.

Dirk said...

Dale, never start a discussion with a band who chose their name to appear in capital letters: you can't win!

george said...

A fine country to choose Dirk. It has the best record shop I've ever been in, in Antwerp: a huge stock of vinyl, sold quality turntables, and beer, Jo enjoyed the fact it sold beer and thus did not mind me spending an hour or so there. Looking forward to the music, none of which I'm familiar with

Charity Chic said...

Ah the rock'n'roll lifestyle Dale!
I'm extremely impressed Dirk - if you had put me on the spot I think I would only have come up with Plastic Bertrand!

Walter said...

Chapeau Dirk, it's a very very great mix from the music of our neighbors.I really enjoyed this compilation and I's sure it will accompany me the next days on my way to work.