Friday, February 21, 2014

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 9

Hello my beauties,

my 200th post, and who would have though this back in September 2007? Not me, that's for sure! Of course 200 posts are nothing compared to the likes of JC, Swiss Adam and/or Drew who post on a daily basis for years and years now without any fail ... quite astonishing to me!
Little Loser's Lottery it is again, because, judging from the comments, this series seems to have struck a chord with some of you. It certainly has with me, because in some perverse way it makes me rather proud when the little shunshine drags out beauty after beauty from the record collection.

This time he had to have a go at the box where the singles A to K are in, these are the five he came up with, with closed eyes, I should add:

From 1997 on Chè Trading. He seems to have a soft spot for Helen Love, because he chose one by them in the previous part of the series. Nothing wrong with that, of course! (Still) going strong since 1993, as far as I know, and Joey Ramone will always be in their hearts!


Also from 1997, but on Guided Missile Records. Haven't heard that for a long time indeed, and rather good it is, too. Nice choice! If someone knows which Dick Johnson they had in mind when choosing the band name: answers on a postcard, please!


Fontana Records, 1992. Another winner, that's for sure! Quite an underrated song of theirs, I always thought, people made the mistake to compare it too much with the magic that 'Come Home' and 'Sit Down' brought. Not very clever perhaps, because 'Frustration' is a neat song indeed!


A somewhat more antiquated pick and - again - nothing wrong with that! On Bright Records from 1978, a total classic! Their fourth single and - again - quite underrated in my books (ask 100 people for a song by The Adverts and 99 will come up with 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes'. Also: ask 100 people for a member of The Adverts and 99 will come up with TV Smith. No-one will ever name Gay Advert, although she really was dead cool ... and enormously attractive (in a bizarre/punk way).


Another fantastic choice, one of the very few records out of the Neue Deutsche Welle which has stood the test of time. On Reflektor Z from 1981, although originally issued one year earlier, with the B-Side (to this) 'Flieger, Grüß' Mir Die Sonne', being the A-Side. The better tune, if you ask me, but this is A-Sides only, so there you are. I remember this record caused quite some trouble back then because people thought the kids would take the title literally (it translates as 'Hooray Hooray The School Is Burning'). No German school was set on fire though, at least as far as I know. I must say that after listening to it again after all those years I'm still fond of the singer's (Kai Havaii) voice ... what a guy! One of the very first bands I saw play live, more or less exactly on this date 29 years ago, on 18.02.85, along with The Bangles and The Times.

As usual, please let me know what you think, so that I can pass on your feelings on to Little Loser. He always seems to be rather proud when I tell him that someone from a different part of the world had some enjoyment in what he picked.

So leave a comment and make him happy, he deserves it 'cos he picked some great tunes again!




gobshyte said...

many thanks to little loser for these.i particularly like the song "Hurra Hurra Die Schule Brennt".never heard the band before so its always nice to discover new music, even if i dont understand the lyrics!! they remind me in a strange way of the toy dolls for some reason!anyway thanks again young man

gobshyte said...

p.s congratulations on 200 posts.keep up the good work!

Luca said...

Congratulations on both the 200 posts and Little Loser's good taste!

Charity Chic said...

Scottish greetings to Little Loser - tell him to keep up the good work
Well done on the 200

george said...

2000 posts. I'm impressed. Feedback for the young loser: track 1, not for me, sounds to dated; track 2 never heard of him/them but a good guitar racket, good choice; track 3 is a quality song as is track 4; track 5 always good to discover new music, even if it was made years ago. So I woudl like to say "well done", but in the new English education way, I'm afraid it has to be a fail because I did not really like the first track.

Swiss Adam said...

Congratulations Dirk. Keep them coming