Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Loser's Lottery ... Part 8

Hello friends,
on the weekend I ordered Little Loser into my office and forced him to pick ten 7" singles out of  two big boxes. He immediately started searching for cool coloured sleeves and I made clear to him that this special job had to be done with closed eyes ... which he by and large managed to do.
Here come his choices and they are very fine (and interesting) indeed. At least in my humble opinon.
Enjoy, enjoy and please let me know what you think (so that I can tell him):
Helen Love - 'Shifty Disco Girl' ('00)

Jeez, I do love Helen Love and this record is good throughout. Then again nothing beats their 'Girl About Town': if you don't know this tune, get hold of it now!

Comes in a stiff cardboard sleeve, marginally bigger than a regular 7", that most likely is why Little Loser decided to pick it: and why not .... Birdland were not too shabby back then and I think I have to listen to their debut LP again soon ...

Another very fine record, albeit a bit special perhaps. But it has one of my all-time favourite songs on it, 'Wait Until You're Older' ... a mighty tune!!

Flophouse - 'Right Now' ('91)

Great stuff again, although very badly produced: you really have to turn the volume up here, so much so that Audacity couldn't really manage the rip properly. Blame it on my crap soundcard!


Okay, not every one can be a winner, right? How this managed to land in my collection, I simply don't know: perhaps it belongs to my wife and I didn't file it properly (= bin it straightaway). Then again, listening to it again after several decades whilst ripping it made me realize why it was such a massive hit back then ....

Melanie - 'Ruby Tuesday' ('70)

Another questionable choice and another one where I don't know where the record comes from. Listen to it and see what you make out of Melanie's version of the Stones - tune ...

Dead cool stuff, which has to be played good and loud as well: I wish I'd get me hands on more records by The Cateran one of these days!

The Style Council - 'Speak Like A Child' ('83)

Hadn't heard this for quite a while, too, thus: thank you, my son, for picking it! I must say on the evidence of that I never wasn't all too furious when the break-up of The Jam was announced. Also I never had great difficulties in understanding not to compare the two bands.

Link Wray and The Raymen with Bunker Hill - 'Friday Night Dance Party' ('62)

A single from 1996, the songs were previously unreleased. What a shame, because their are brilliant! The B-Side is even better, here Bunker sings (completely out of his head) whilst being accompanied by Link. But it's A- Sides only today, so there you are ....

Released in 1991 in order to promote the 'The Singles' - collection. Astonishingly enough this had 'The Right Profile' on its back ... a strange choice, rather brave I would think!
So what do you think I can tell Little Loser? Personally I think he did a fabulous job (again) and I'm willing to have a small bet that some of you might think I made this up ... let me tell you that this is totally untrue, he picked them all by himself!


drew said...

Fine choices for the most part. Train In Vain, love it and The Right Profile. A couple of these I have never heard The Cateran and Flophouse.

Melanie, yuk!

Brian said...

I suspect he wouldn't understand why now, but I envy your son. I know I would have quite a good time perusing your record collection. Someday it will just click with him and he will come to love your vinyl. Meanwhile, you will have this cool documentation from his youth to show him. He'll try to remember why he chose Bronski Beat (a good pick, by the way). I love this series.

Brian said...
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TheRobster said...

Yay, a Welsh band. Always a good thing! As for Birdland, my abiding memory of them is a gig I attended with a girl I shouldn't have that ended on a sour note. Good band, bad memories...

george said...

That young boy can pick out some great records. Terry and Gerry are big favourites in thsi house (for 50% of the house anyway!), and I think I have a tape of that Cateran song somewhere.