Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Special Request Edition: The Blue Orchids

Dear friends,

an e-mail came in from regular correspondent Craig Keany, who asked whether it would be possible for me to do some kind of special request edition upon The Blue Orchids. It is, Craig, and I can tell you why it is: you are absolutely right in saying that The Blue Orchids were - and are, as a matter of fact - most probably one of the most grievously underrated bands of all time.

I won't bore you with too much details about them, I think all necessary information about the band can be found here. Also there is rather a good retrospective of their work, which can be found here.

Their music is hard to describe, but I have been fascinated by it ever since I first got my hands on a cassette of their album back in the very early Eighties. Only several years later I was able to find a second hand copy of said album, 'The Greatest Hit (The Money Mountain)'.

But, enough said, here's what I chose for you, Craig. And for the rest of you as well, of course:

'Work' (mp3). The A-Side of their second 7" from 1981.

'Agents Of Chance' (mp3). The title track from a 1982 4-track-EP.

'Thirst' (mp3). The B-Side of their 'Sleepy Town' - 7" from 1985. Took this from an old John Peel's Music - cassette, the sound quality might be a bit dodgy, but the track is ace!

'Hanging Man' (mp3), 'Sun Connection' (mp3), 'Low Profile' (mp3), 'Dumb Magician' (mp3).

All those four songs are taken from their aforementioned album 'The Greatest Hit (The Money Mountain)' from 1982. There isn't a single bad track on it and you may well believe me that I had a hard time in chosing only a few songs.

'The Flood' (mp3). A-Side of their very first single from 1980.

'The House That Faded Out' (mp3). The B-Side of the 'Work' - single, although this version here is taken from their first (out of two) Peel Session from 08.12.80.

'Heroes' (mp3). Okay, this is a bit of a bonus. The Blue Orchids worked as Nico's backing band from 1983 onwards and therefore you get this one as well. From 1983, on Aura Records. All of the others above were released on Rough Trade Records, by the way.

I hope you enjoyed what I chose for you, Craig. Let me know if you were pleased, okay?

See you soon,



Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, i'd a feeling you wouldn't let me down with this request.As you mentioned a much underated band whom i was fortunate enough to see in Glasgow.
Thanks again, and a merry christmas to yourself and your good lady.

JC said...

A band of whom I know very little bar a track (The House That Faded Out) that appeared on a Peel compilation years back.

But I'll do a bit of downloading and have a lsiten in a while as I'm intrigued.

Happy Xmas my dear friend. Give Mrs S-L a hug from me.


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. Hadn't heard much Blue Orchids before now. Need to have a look in Fopp for some more of their stuff. Proof if needed that these Blogs are the way forward for the music industry. Thanks for the music.

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. Loving the Nico version of Heroes. Thanks very much :)

Jimmy Meadow