Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Peel Tapes - Part 26

Good morning my beauties,

yes, believe it or not, another episode of 'My Peel Tapes' for you! I know, quite a while ago since the last one. I must admit, I couldn't convince myself to do it earlier, because all in all it became rather a bore somehow. Also I was so very much fond of this 'Lady Loser's Lottery' - thingy ... I'd rather had done another of those instead of 'My Peel Tapes'. But the show must go on, so here we go ... I hope you enjoy what Uncle John played to me back then, 'cos that's exactly what I'll play to you today:

(258) Elastica - 'Waking Up (mp3). Again from their first, self-titled album on Geffen, released in 1995, also released as a single in the same year. Interestingly enough The Stranglers apparently blamed (sued?) the band for the fact that 'Waking Up' sounds pretty much like their 'No More Heroes' from 1977 .... I can't see that much of a similarity. Can you?

(259) The Silver Jews - 'Trains Across The Sea' (mp3). The Silver Jews were, amongst others, David Berman and Stephen Malkmus. Yes, that Stephen Malkmus out of Pavement. 'Trains Across The Sea' is my favourite song on their debut album 'Starlite Walker', released in 1994 on Drag City Records in the States and on Domino in Europe. The tune really grows on you, people, so you'd better download it and listen to it very closely. Silver Jews' homepage: here. 'Half hours on earth, what are they worth?', he asks in the song ... and doesn't hesitate to leave the question unanswered ....

(260) Northern Picture Library - 'Last September's Farewell Kiss' (mp3).
"Battery Point" was a very fine 1995 compilation on Sarah Records and it featured Aberdeen, Action Painting, Blueboy, Boyracer, Hit Parade, Ivy, Northern Picture Library, Secret Shine,
Shelley and Sugargliders. Peel played the Nothern Picture Library - track .... and so shall I. A most fragile track, so please

(261) Jerry Lee Lewis - 'How's My Ex Treating You' (live at Panther Hall, Fort Worth) (mp3). Alas this live recording from 1966 comes in rather dodgy quality, but I thought I'd play it to you nevertheless, because it is a neat song, that's for sure. More on Jerry Lee Lewis, one of the great performers of that era, here.

(262) The Flys - 'Love And A Molotov Cocktail' (mp3). A 1978 7" on EMI of all labels, odd really. A killer tune from yesteryear, if you don't know it yet: have a listen, folks ... it really is one of the great records of the punk or pre-punk era ....

(263) The Wedding Present - 'Go Man Go' (mp3). Once one of my all-time favourite combos, I'm not entirely convinced by all of what The Wedding Present are doing these days. This though still was fine stuff, from their 'Mini' - 10" on Cooking Vinyl from 1996. I think I should listen to the whole record again after having brought the track from vinyl to mp3 later on ....

(264) Pulp - 'Mile End' (mp3). Taken from the soundtrack of the film 'Trainspotting', released on Premier Records in 1996, a double LP, in fact. Not all on it is as good as Pulp's contribution, it must be said. The film, however, is a masterpiece, of course ....

(265) Calvin Party - 'Life And Other Sex Tragedies' (mp3). I know I've posted this before, but that's no excuse not to do that again: this is a FANTASTIC song, friends, definetely one of my choices for the Desert Island. It starts rather quietely, but then explodes and becomes to something which I would describe as one of the finest moments in the history of recorded music to date. The singer's accent is great, the lyrics are simply awesome ... this song is a MUST!!! From their 1995 album 'Lies, Lies And Government' on Probe Plus Records from Liverpool. Really, I can't recommend this enough ... if you don't do yourself a favour and have a listen to it, it's your own fault!

(266) The Congos - 'Children Crying' (mp3). From one of the classic roots reggae releases from Jamaica from the late 70's, along with Culture's 'Two Sevens Clash' perhaps: the album 'Heart Of The Congos' from 1977. I have a very nice German re-release with gatefold sleeve from 1996 on Blood And Fire Records ... wish I had a copy of the original Jamaican pressing though. Find an interview with Watty Burnett, who, amongst others, did the backing vocals on the album, here.

(267) Sleater-Kinney - 'I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone' (mp3). Heroes of the 'Riot Grrrl' - scene Sleater-Kinney hail from Olympia, Washington, later moved to Portland, Oregon and here's their website. 'Joey Ramone' comes from their second album, 'Call The Doctor' on Chainsaw Records from 1996.

(268) Helen Love - 'Girl About Town' (mp3). Again featured previously (at least I think this is the case), again one of the finest records on earth. Originally released as a B-Side (of the 'We Love You' - 7") in 1995 on Damaged Goods. The single is long deleted, but perhaps you are lucky and find a copy of their great 'Radio Hits Vol. 2' - compilation, also on Damaged Goods from 1997. Great website of one of the finest bands ever to come from Wales here. I'll dedicate this to my pal FiL from Pogo A Go-Go, I know he likes the tune a lot and so does his son.

(269) Chixdiggit - 'I Drove The Coquihalla' (mp3). From Alberta in Canada, from their self-titled LP on Sub Pop Records from 1996, which is full of good and gnarly power-punk/pop stuff. More information on Chixdiggit: here.

(270) Bennet - 'Someone Always Gets There First' (mp3). Despite the fact that this 7" was released on All The Blacks Records back in 1997, it's on nice red vinyl. And very good it is, too. I'm ashamed to say I don't have the slightest idea what ever became of Bennet, but they were really really good back then. I had expected them to become much more popular .... but I was wrong, as usual.

(271) Half Man Half Biscuit - 'Eno Collaboration' (mp3). The toast of Birkenhead with a 7" on Probe Plus Records from 1996. As always with fantastic lyrics, 'I went from the Andies to the Indies in my undies' is especially good, I think. Have a look at a very fine Half Man Half Biscuit - fansite here.

(272) Rudi - 'Big Time' (mp3). Again a total pop-punk classic from Belfast's Rudi. From 1978 on Good Vibrations Records (who also released the original 'Teenage Kicks' - 7" by The Undertones). More on Rudi here.

Well, as always I really hope you enjoyed my choices for today. Kindly drop a little comment and let me know whether this was the case. Or not.

I hope to have another episode ready before the New Year comes. There will definetely be another 'Lady Loser's Lottery' one, so watch out for it ....

Take care and stay healthy, friends!



Anonymous said...

Some cracking songs here, oh the joy of hearing THE FLYS - 'MOLOTOVE' after so many years!Brilliant!.....and the CALVIN PARTY was new to my ears and your right...well recommended.

a Tart said...

Darling, I adore that Sleater-Kinney tune so much! I've used it over on my own blog, thanks for putting it out there xoxoxo

Tricia said...

Now that was one spectacular collection of tunes. I really liked them all. Especially enjoyed the Calvin Party as much for your enthusiastic words as for the song itself. Really great stuff.

JC said...

Having just seen TWP play live last night, I urge you to reconsider all that they are doing right now.....

Failing that, I may have to fly to Germany in early 2009 and persuade you.

entrailicus said...

Classic stuff, thanks.