Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Peel Tapes: Part 12

Hello lovely people,

I'll try to squeeze in another episode before I'm having a week off next week. I'm pretty sure I won't find the time to do anything then, because I'm gonna party for four days in a row! There you are .....

(76) Wedding Present - '(The Moment Before) Everything's Spoiled Again' (mp3). This again proves that the first things most of the times are the best things, right? From 1985 and the backside of their debut single ('Go Out And Get 'Em, Boy') on Reception Records. New album by the Wedding Present is out now, by the way ... some 23 years later!

(77) Again a total classic: 'I Am The Fly' by Wire (mp3). Their second single and also on their second album, 'Chairs Missing', on Harvest Records from 1978. Shouldn't you know this fine tune: it'll grow on you, just wait and see ..... and you won't be able to get it out of your head for quite some time, so be warned!

(78) Jean Paul Sartre Experience - 'Own Two Feet' (mp3). Well, if you wanted to, you could perhaps style them as the 'second wave' of New Zealand bands. Personally I don't like to label a band, there's just one important thing for me: either the track is good or it is not. This one is good, perfect even. A most fragile piece on a self-titled Mini LP on Flying Nun Records from 1986.

[upon request:
Great Plains - 'Appetite'
Dub Sex - 'Voice Of Reason'
Sugarcubes - 'Coldsweat']

(79) The Leeds based combo Cud did their first Peel Session on 16.06.87. This means Strange Fruit Records were quite up to date with the release of it in their Peel Session 12" series. From it, here's Cud's version of the Hot Chocolate classic: 'You Sexy Thing' (mp3). The definitive reading of the old favourite, don't you agree?

[upon request:
Buzzcocks - 'What Do I Get'
Primitives - 'Crash']

(80) Thinking about it, the NME had made up quite a few excellent compilations back in those days. The C86 cassette was essential, there is no doubt about that, I think. The same is true for the C81 cassette, by the way, but people seem to have forgotten about that one .... but I digress. In 1988 the NME came up with a neat album called 'Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father' (on NME records), which basically brought together various bands and songwriters who covered the whole of the Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper' - LP. 'What a boring nonsense', you might think, but no: mostly all of them did their job pretty well. As The Wedding Present - with Amelia Fletcher - are about to show, they decided to have a go for 'Getting Better' (mp3).

[the Beatles, dear Christina Aguilera - fans, were a rather successful four-piece from Liverpool (that's a town in Europe) in the 60's. 'Sgt. Pepper ...' was just one of the LP's they released back then. And if the name still doesn't ring a bell to you: the daughter of one of their members runs a fashion label, Stella McCartney that is ...)].

[upon request:
Wedding Present - 'I'm Not Always So Stupid'
Wedding Present - 'Nobody's Twisting Your Arm'
Wedding Present - 'Nothing Comes Easy'
King Of The Slums - 'Venerate Me Utterly']

(81) ... and here's what The Fall chose to cover on the aforementioned 'Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father' - compilation: 'A Day In The Life' (mp3) .... a mighty track!!

[upon request:
Sonic Youth: 'Within You Without You']

(82) 1987 saw the release of The Pixies' debut Mini-LP 'Come On Pilgrim'. But it took another year before the whole world understood that The Pixies were mightier than Jesus and that was when they released their debut album 'Surfer Rosa'. It took the world by storm, and quite rightly so, because there wasn't a single bad track on it. 'Where Is My Mind' (mp3) is one of them ....

[upon request:
Dub Sex - 'Push!'
Wire - 'Kidney Bingos'
Flatmates - 'Shimmer'
Darling Buds - 'Shame On You']

I hope you enjoyed bits of the above and have another look next time.

Take good care,


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