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My Peel Tapes: Part 11

Hello friends,
two editions in two days: what has happened with the Sexyloser, you might think! The truth of the matter is: Mrs. Loser has gone to town with a friend for shopping purposes ... which means I don't have to do any slave-like duties in the garden and can please you instead. Oh, ain't life wonderful?

(67) Something German for a change now by Die Mimmi's, back then a rather well known punk combo. The lyrics, shouldn't you be able to understand them, tell us the story of a few youngsters who have a party in the cellar, where they drain their dad's bar. And as you can tell they very well suceed in doing so until Daddy comes home and complains .... great stuff! From the 1984 LP 'Was'n Hier Los?' ('What's going on here?' = Daddy's complaint when he enters the bar)): 'Vater's Kellerbar' (mp3). Issued on the mighty Weserlabel.
[upon request:
Dinosaur - 'The Lung']

(68) Back in those days no-one knew anything about Scandinavian bands, apart from Abba ... and perhaps The Leather Nun. Today, after Björk has achieved the status of a worldwide superstar and being a band from Scandinavia is the new hype, it's hard to imagine how this track blew us away. A band from Iceland?? No way, Josè, we thought ... but it was the start of taking bands from the North seriously, I would say. On One Little Indian Records, a 12" issued in 1988 (and again I think Peel must have played a pre-release, 'cos I think this cassette dates 1987): The Sugarcubes' 'Birthday' (mp3). And yes: I know that Björk was in band called KUKL before the Sugarcubes were born, but we didn't know then, you see. We didn't even know where fucking Iceland was .....

(69) The Wedding Present - 'Anyone Can Make A Mistake' (mp3). A 12" from 1987 on Reception Records. In those days every new record by The Wedding Present was like a gift from heaven, at least it was to me. They just couldn't do anything bad, you see .... I remember having seen them play live in a very small venue in Aachen and it was just unbelievable. You literally couldn't see Gegde's fingers when playing the guitar ... they were moving just too fast ... your eyes couldn't catch it, you know ... oh, they were Gods. Nothing less!
[upon request:
I, Ludicrous - 'Three English Football Grounds'
Three Johns - 'Never And Always']

(70) Another band that couldn't do wrong these days were The Chills. Here's my favourite track from their 1987 'Brave Words' - LP on Flying Nun Records from New Zealand: 'Look For The Good In Others And They'll See The Good In You' (mp3). I dunno, most probably this could well be their very best song altogether .... it has everything you need: a catchy hook and lyrics you can identify with. Judge yourself .....

[upon request:
Wild Swans - 'God Forbid'
Lurkers - 'Go Go Go']

(71) I, Ludicrous - 'Preposterous Tales' (mp3). Originally released as a 10", but I like the LP version more, so, here's the tune taken from their absolutely fantastic album 'It's Like Everything Else' on Kaleidoscope Sound from 1987. I cannot recommend the album enough to you. If you find it anywhere: get your hands on it, because it's good throughout. Again, 'Preposterous Tales' is one of my all-time favourite songs!

[upon request:
Big Stick - 'Billy Jack Paddy Wack'
Wedding Present - 'Give My Love To Kevin'
Adverts - 'One Chord Wonders']

(72) Again very hard to decide for me which track to post, as you will be able to see below. A whole bunch of the Peel Session 12"'s were issued at the time and I'll go for the one by The Mighty Wah! They were always around in one constellation or the other and their 'Come Back' was one of the best records ever made, I would say. But here's to you, from their 1984 Peel Session (on Strange Fruit Records), 'Basement Blues'; 'The Story Of The Blues' (mp3). John Peel's single of the year, and rightly so! More on Pete Wylie and Wah!: here.

[upon request:
Triffids - 'Chicken Killer' (Session Version)
Cud - 'You're The Boss' (Session Version)
Wedding Present - 'What Did Your Last Servant Die Of'
Wedding Present - 'Don't Be So Hard']

(73) Now, this is for Dan, who wanted to hear something by The Colorblind James Experience quite some time ago. From their self-titled 1987 LP on Fundamental Records, here's 'Considering A Move To Memphis' (mp3).

[upon request:
Colorblind James Experience - 'The German Girls'
Wedding Present - 'Shatner']

(74) There ain't much I can tell you about this next track or about the band themselves. I think some members previously were in Big In Japan and/or Pink Military. Anyway, this song here is just awesome, I think: Pink Industry and 'Don't Let Go' (mp3). Vocals by Jayne Casey on this 12" on Cathexis Records from 1987, the thing is quite valuable these days: trade anyone?

[upon request:
McCarthy - 'The Funeral'
Ramones - 'Pin Head'
Wedding Present - 'A Million Miles']

(75) And after all those fragile records it's high time for some rousing vulgarity. Here come The Damned from their 1977 debut LP 'Damned Damned Damned' with 'New Rose' (mp3).

[upon request:
Colorblind James Experience - 'Dance Critters']

Enough for today, pop-pickers: I hope you have a look next time and, as usual: it's entirely your fault if you don't pay enough attention to the 'upon request' - bits and just suck the tracks instead.

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