Friday, April 11, 2008

My Peel Tapes: Part 7

Hello dear friends,

without losing any time at all today:

(35) The Weather Prophets - 'Almost Prayed' (mp3). When I heard they were no longer The Loft, but now The Weather Prophets, I thought at the time: it's always a bad sign when a superb band breaks up (and The Loft's break-up was nothing but sensational: live onstage at the end of a gig at The Hammersmith Palais ... you don't see that every day, right?) and then transforms into another one with a new name: normally the new stuff never is quite as good as what they did in their original line-up. But the debut release from The Weather Prophets proved me wrong: 'Almost Prayed' - at least in form of the 12", from which the above is taken - was purely awesome. The Velvet Underground-style piano blows me off every time I hear the track and the other three tunes are also very fine ('Like Frankie Lymon' in particular). On Creation Records, 1986. Nice discography over here.

[upon request:
Brilliant Corners - 'Meet Me On Tuesday'
Chin Chin - 'Why Am I So Lonely'
Yeah Yeah Noh - 'Blood Soup'
Primitives - 'She Don't Need You'
Primal Scream - 'Velocity Girl']

(36) The Primitives - 'Thru The Flowers' (mp3). Again, a debut release and again a 12", this time on Lazy Records, the tracks on it were recorded both in 1985 and 1986. I think that at the time The Primitives perhaps were my favourite band of those which later were to be squashed into the C86-genre, certainly my favourite one of those who had a female lead singer. To be absolutely frank to you: my plans to have children with Clare Grogan out of Altered Images cooled down a bit when Tracy Tracy of The Primitives hit the scene ... what a blast that girl was, oh boy! And, by the way, from a comment to a previous post (the comment highly recommended to be read again here) by JC aka The Vinyl Villain, we learnt that Clare Grogan was a slut anyway! Tracy: where are you now that we need you?

[upon request:
Foot And Mouth - 'Seymour (The Room's A Mess!)'
We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It - 'Console Me'
McCarthy - 'Celestial City'
Wedding Present - 'This Boy Can Wait (A Bit Longer)'
Bogshed - 'Run To The Temple'
Big Stick - 'Hell On Earth']

(37) The Screaming Blue Messiahs - 'Let's Go Down To The Woods And Pray' (mp3). Rockabilly from Hell from this Peel Session 12" on Strange Fruit Records from 1986, albeit the session itself was already recorded/broadcast in 1984. Nearly every track from the excellent 'Gun Shy' album was played by Peel at the time and I'll put them all up upon request. The Screaming Blue Messiahs were formerly known as Motor Boys Motor and their stuff is worth tracking down as well ....

[upon request:
Screaming Blue Messiahs - 'Wild Blue Yonder']

(38) Tender Lugers - 'That's Really Something' (mp3). Again I have to wonder if anyone on earth knows this combo apart from me. I have this one on a 6-track Mini-LP called 'Johnny Orgy', the first release on Kick! Recorded in 1986. I know they made a Peel Session later that year, but apart from that I know nothing about them at all. You just might like this tune if your mind is equally deseased as mine ...

[upon request:
Jesus & Mary Chain - 'Some Candy Talking]

(39) Another gem, not from 1986 though, but from 1983: 10.000 Maniacs and 'The Death Of Manolete' (mp3). From their debut full-length album 'Secrets Of The I-Ching' and I wish I could tell you that I owe the orginal US-pressing on Christian Burial Music ... if this was true, I'd probably be typing this on my laptop from the deck of my yacht loacated off the coast of Port Antonio, Jamaica. Alas I just have the German pressing on Normal Records and therefore am writing to you from my lunchbreak at work. Bugger!

[upon request:
Wedding Present - 'You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends'
10.000 Maniacs - 'Back O' The Moon'
Joy Division - 'Sound Of Music'
Fall - 'Spoilt Victorian Child']

(40) Pop Will Eat Itself - 'There's A Psychopath In My Soup' (mp3). Only one out of several fine tunes from their 'Poppiecock' 12"-EP/Mini-LP/LP or whatever you want to call a record that has 10 tracks on it and runs at 45 rpm. I must admit I lost interest in the band more or less immediately after this release from 1986 on Chapter 22 Records. This although I know they were rather influental on all sort of bands in their later career. But there you are .....

[upon request:
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'All Tomorrow's Parties'
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'By The Time I Get To Phoenix'
Whipcrackaway - 'Horses' Tale']

(41) Hüsker Dü - 'Sorry Somehow' (mp3). As you will be able to tell from all the 'upon request' - listings in the posts below, 'Candy Apple Grey' was played by Peel almost in its' entirety. The reason that I didn't link to any of the songs though is this track, which, so I think, is the best song on a mighty album. Grant Hart singing the 'Id give you everything in the world just to get it out of the way' - bit is one of the finest moments in recording history, as far as I'm concerned. Released on WEA Records in 1986 and still easily available almost everywhere: so go and pick it up. Also you should try to get hold of Grant Hart's solo recordings. There are very few musicians who carry on on their own after they left a good band, who are able to record stuff that's any good at all: Grant really is an exception to this, I'd think.

[upon request:
Echo & The Bunnymen - 'Rescue'
The Stars Of Heaven - 'Sacred Heart Hotel'
Damned - 'Fanclub'
Half Man Half Biscuit - 'The Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman']

(42) Wild Swans - 'Revolutionary Spirit' (mp3). A 12" from 1982 on Zoo Records from the people who would later transform into The Lotus Eaters - and a much sought after item ever since: as JC is able to tell, if you have a look at his post from today here on The Vinyl Villain. Sorry, JC: it's really purely coincidental that we both posted the same track on the same day. Ah, and also sorry for this little picture, mate ... and for that one as well .... but I just couldn't resist *smile*!! Perhaps I'm nearer on the way to my yacht than I thought I'd be ... with the withdrawn 'Lament for Icarus' sleeve, ey ...?

[upon request:
Half Man Half Biscuit - 'Dickie Davis Eyes'
Triffids - 'Everybody Has To Eat'
Shop Assistants - 'I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You'
Mighty Lemon Drops - 'Happy Head']

I hope you enjoyed today's episode, folks. Have a nice weekend .... and J.C.: I'm sorry!




JC said...

You're an absolute genius mate!!!!

I burst out laughing at the photos...

Dirk, I hereby annoint you my punk-soul brother....and grant you the freedom of Villain Towers should you ever visit Glasgow.

JC said...

Oh and thanks for the original version of Almost Prayed. I only have the 1987 version (remixed and slightly longer) from a 1987 compilation CD.

And why not take a fresh look at today's posting at might mnake you smile....

Jon said...

Love the Primitives and the Husker Du tracks. I'm glad I came across your blog. Keep up the good work.

Juan said...

Oh my goodness Screaming Blue Messiahs and Husker Du!

excellent excellent, well done.

sehr gut

Juan said...

I love your music selection, i have added you to my favorite blogs list... not that it is very important but there you have it.


ally. said...

i was at that loft gig - they were part of the unlikely but true sound of young leytonstone based in our local, the northcote, along with the raw herbs and a wolfhound and some of bob and voice of the beehives and lots of journos. strange but true.
top stuff by the way