Monday, October 1, 2007

Sexy Segues ....

It would be interesting to know if this only happens to me ....

Do you remember the old times when you used to make nice little mixtapes for girls in order to impress them with your wide and brilliant musical taste? Okay, most of the times all the work was in vain, because the girls would rather date the bloke who listened to the charts all day, but that's not the point. On these mixtapes, or, nowadays, on CD/MP3 - compilations, I always find myself segueing the same two songs. Regardless of what I think has also got to be on [the limited space of] the tape/CD, I always find myself sitting there, thinking: "now, THIS has just GOT to be followed by THAT, there's no way around it!!".

Not terribly easy to explain and I don't think you will know what I'm trying to say ... so here are a few examples: after having put Pete Best Beatles 'Alamein Train' (mp3) on the tape, there is nothing I can do but follow it up with Terry & Gerry's 'Wait Until You're Older' (mp3). The same is true for Rocketgoldstar's 'Autopilot' (mp3), the only reasonable segue can be done with Clinic's ' The Return Of Evil Bill' (mp3).

There are quite a few combinations I could think of currently, but the above will have to do for the moment. It would be neat to know though if this really only happens to me ...... and if this is not the case, what YOUR segues might possibly be ....

Comments, anyone?

Have fun,


Pete Best Beatles: from the 'Sounds For The Sophisticated Music Lovers' - 7"- EP on Strine Records (SM001), Australia 1984. Deleted. Of course.

Terry & Gerry: from the 'Butter's On The Bread' - 7" - EP on Vindaloo Records (UGH7), England 1984. Deleted. As Well.

Rocketgoldstar: from the 'Soul Of A Nu Machine' - MCD on FF Vinyl, Wales 2000. Deleted. Most probably.

Clinic: from the 'Internal Wrangler' - CD on Zorba, England 2000. Still available. Nearly everywhere.

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