Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Does Size Really Count?

Tuesday afternoon ... and the new episode of the Contrast Podcast is not up yet. Strange how one manages to addict himself to little pleasant things in life, isn't it? Today's theme is 'Short Songs' (less than 2 minutes) and I thought I'd kill some time whilst waiting for Tim to finish his work today and post a few short songs I like quite a lot. Alas I can't tell you about my contribution, this would spoil the fun for the other participants. Especially for Fil from Pogo A Go-Go, I would have thought. Then again: with today's topic it is rather unlikely that two people sent in the same song. Although I'm willing to have a small bet that Fil's choice is gonna turn out to be 'You Suffer' by Napalm Death: excellent for dancing, by the way!! Would have been my choice if I were in the position to be able to transform my records into MP3's ***grrrhhh*** this Wave Editor really does my head in!!!

Aaaaanyway: for those of you who think 'what the hell is he bragging about?' ... click the link above and listen to the Contrast Podcast .... or listen to this ... short into the point, but wonderful:

01:54: Bad Livers - 'Lust For Life' ('91) [mp3]

01:47: Birdland - 'Hollow Heart' (acoustic version) ('90) [mp3]

01:59: Detroit Cobras - 'Shout Bama Lama' ('04) [mp3]

01:59: Ideal - 'Männer Gibt's Wie Sand Am Meer' (live) ('81) [mp3]

01:42: Pop Will Eat Itself - 'The Black Country Chainstore Massacre' ('86) [mp3]

01:24: Primal Scream - 'Velocity Girl' ('86) [mp3]

01:44: Soup Dragons - 'Whole Wide World' ('86) [mp3]

You can buy Bad Livers here and Detroit Cobras here . The others are taken from the original - limited - 7" (Birdland), 12"s (PWEI, Primal Scream, Soup Dragons) and LP (Ideal). I bought them when they came out and I think they were deleted before most of you were born. There you are. But because I'm such a nice guy I will of course help you, should you need further information: just leave a comment. And, of course, enjoy.


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