Thursday, September 6, 2007

Vapors - 'Spring Collection'

Hello friends,

the good news is: the mighty Tim Young from Contrast Podcast has replied, saying he wants me on his blog: I feel deeply honoured by his invitation, you can believe me! The bad news is: still I don't owe a microphone and furthermore this week's topic is more than difficult, at least it is for me: 'Back To School' .... I have no idea which song I could possibly contribute ... nevertheless I hope both problems will be solved in due course.

Today's download comes from the Vapors, best known for their 'Turning Japanese', I would think. A brilliant song, therefore it's a shame that it frequently turns up nowadays on cheap Indie/Punk/New Wave - compilations, the ones you find in the bargain bin at the supermarket, you know what I mean.

'Spring Collection' (mp3) though is taken from their 1980 album 'New Clear Days' on United Artist Records. In my eyes it is much more enjoyable than 'Turning Japanese', and this has not much to do with the sell-out of 'TJ': it's just because it's a catchy little number which gets stuck in your head for the whole day ... at least it got stuck in mine. Kindly let me know if the same happened to you, will you? And: enjoy!

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