Wednesday, September 5, 2007

For a starter ....

Well, what can I say? Why did I start this? Frankly speaking, the main reason was that I fell in love with the absolutely brilliant concept of 'Contrast Podcast' and I wanted to participate. Took some time, but there you are ..... as far as I understood it, the only thing I need now is a mike and a good idea about how to prepare my little intro ... in the meantime I will try to post a few gems I always liked a lot: perhaps you know them already and are happy to hear them again. But perhaps they are new to you and give you as much pleasure as they gave to me .... either way: enjoy.


Tim Young said...

Yes!!! Come and be on the Contrast Podcast. We'd love to have you on it. :)


jb said...

Hi Dirk

Cool blog You're doing just fine!

Welcome to the club