Friday, May 20, 2016

"A Few Faves From 1979 - 1981 ..."

Hello friends,

long time no see, ey? Hope you have all been alright. Me? Well, having run out of bright ideas, really, that's the plain and simple truth behind the hiatus of this blog ... and if you think this status has now been rectified, you'll be dead wrong! Thing is, our friend Brian commented on a comment I left, saying he'd appreciate another go here at Sexyloser, and as his will is my command, I tried to think of a little bit to post here for him ... and for the other four of you rest of you as well, of course. I'm afraid though it's nothing spectacular, no revolutionary new idea, it's just some songs from 1979 - 1981 I really like. They're from 1979 - 1981 because over the years I found that especially this period provided us with some really fantastic tunes, punk was dead and wave just came into being. Perhaps it was a perfect time for something new, who knows? I don't and I certainly won't even try to explain why it is that I like the songs from this era so much.

The bulk of them are rather uncommon and you might not know them by heart, but I always think: "if even one of those blighters hears something for the first time on this site, and he really likes it, then this has made my day and I'm a happy chap, 'cos that's all I want". Of course there are some songs you know - or should know if you have at least some taste - being included 'cos I know how important it is to offer something with some recognition value as well. Yes, I know how easily pissed off you all are!

But what makes this compilation so worthy is, at least in my humble opinion, the tunes that you don't hear all that often, some real killers are included, if you ask me. Another worthy aspect is that you get quantity for your money today, 'cos - as we all know - size DOES count (and it's only lads with very small penises who tell you otherwise!). Enough of that, enjoy, friends (links to be found behind the title numbers, but you knew that all along, right?):

01 - Blondie - 'Die Young Stay Pretty' (live in the Apollo, Glasgow 31.12.79)
02 - Marching Girls - 'True Love' ('80)
03 - Laurel Aitken - 'Rudi Got Married' (Peel Session '80)
04 - Undertones - 'Rock 'n' Roll' (Peel Session Version '80)
05 - Damned - 'Billy Bad Breaks' ('81)
06 - Jags -  'Back Of My Hand' ('79)
07 - Silicon Teens - 'Memphis Tennessee' ('80)
08 - Any Trouble - 'Second Choice' ('80)
09 - Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died ('80)
10 - Monochrome Set - 'He's Frank' ('79)
11 - Dr. Feelgood - 'No Mo Do Yakamo' ('80)
12 - Mental As Anything - 'The Nips Are Getting Bigger' ('79)
13 - Cockney Rejects - 'Power And The Glory' ('81)
14 - Toy Dolls - Tommy Kowey's Car ('80)
15 - Arthur Kay and The Originals - 'Play My Record' ('80)
16 - Moondogs - 'Ya Don´t Do Ya' ('79)
17 - Buzzcocks - 'You Say You Don't Love Me' ('79)
18 - Smirks - 'To You' ('79)
19 - Akrylyks - 'Spyderman' ('80)
20 - Sussed - 'I've Got Me Parka' ('80)
21 - Golinksi Brothers - 'Bloody' ('80)
22 - Approved Men - 'Quite Like You' ('80)
23 - TV21 - 'On The Run' ('81)
24 - Monitors - 'Telegram' ('79)
25 - Girls At Our Best -  'Getting Nowhere Fast' ('80)
26 - Letters - 'Nobody Loves Me' ('80)
27 - Vibrators - 'Judy Says' ('79)
28 - Raincoats - 'Lola' ('79)
29 - New York Gong - 'Much Too Old' ('79)
30 - Tearjerkers - 'Love Affair' ('79)
31 - They Must Be Russians - 'Don't Try To Cure Yourself' ('80)
32 - Bodysnatchers - 'Ruder Than You' ('80)
33 - Freshies - 'I'm In Love With The Girl On The Virgin Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk' ('80)
34 - Pink Boyz - 'Put Your Hands On The Radio' ('79)
35 - Beat - 'Jackpot' ('80)
36 - Boys - 'Poor Little Rich Girl' ('80)
37 - Invaders - 'Best Thing I Ever Did' ('79)
38 - Notsensibles - '(I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher' ('79)
39 - Merton Parkas - 'Face In The Crowd' ('79)
40 - Selecter - 'The Whisper' ('80)
41 - Chords - 'Maybe Tomorrow' ('80)
42 - Xdreamysts - 'I Dont Wanna Go' ('80)
43 - Outcasts - 'Self Conscious Over You' ('79)
44 - Glass Torpedoes - 'Morning, Noon And Night' ('79)
45 - Television Personalities - 'Geoffrey Ingram' ('81)
46 - Leyton Buzzards - 'Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees' ('79)
47 - Department S - 'Is Vic There' (French Version '80)
48 - Fay Ray - Family Affairs ('81)
49 - Photos - 'I'm So Attractive' ('79)
50 - Slickee Boys - 'Gotta Tell Me Why' ('79)
51 - Radio Stars  - 'No Russians In Russia' ('79)
52 - Wipers - 'Mystery' ('79)
53 - Garage Class - 'Terminal Tokyo' ('80)
54 - Motels -'Total Control' ('79)
55 - Wire - 'Map Ref. 41N 93W' ('79)
56 - Vapors - 'Spring Collection' ('80)
57 - Embryo - 'I'm Different' ('80)
58 - Peter Dayton Band - 'Perfect Wave' ('81)

Now, that was fun, wasn't it? If it was, I would appreciate a comment or two, would be really nice, you see ...

And if you're interested, I'll make up one of those mixes for you, but not tonight, tomorrow evening perhaps. Just let me know ...

Take good care,




Anonymous said...

I was looking a few days ago and was getting a bit worried. Started to ask around if anyone has seen you. Great to see something new here.

Brian said...

You mean all I had to do was ask? Sheesh. Would have done it ages ago... Anyway, great to see sexyloser firing on all cylinders again. I'm just a tiny bit (and I do mean tiny) young to have experienced theses bands at the time. Was just getting into my mom's old records in 1979, but there is something about this period and '79 in particular, isn't there? So many of my favorite bands started that year or had their best album. You have given us many legends (in my mind, anyway) on your mix, including Monochrome Set, Buzzcocks, Any Trouble, Undertones, Raincoats, Bodysnatchers, the Beat, TV21, Girls at Our Best (perhaps the best of the lot!). Selecter, Wire, Television Personalities, Department S, and I could go on and on. We have a shared love for 2Tone and Stiff, that's for certain. What really has me excited however, is the bevy of bands I know nothing about. Just about to dig into them. Thanks again, pal.

drew said...

Bloody hell Dirk, that's my painting put on hold for a few hours, thanks. I too think 79 - 81 was a rather fine period.

The Swede said...

This was a very important period for me too and at first glance you've selected several personal favourites among your playlist... 'People Who Died', 'You Say You Don't Love Me', 'Getting Nowhere Fast', 'Saturday Night Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees', 'Map Ref. 41N 93W' etc, and I had to wipe away a tear when I noted the inclusion of 'Telegram' by The Monitors - just a wonderful, wonderful pop record. There's also a lot here that I've forgotten and/or passed me by completely. Hours of fun await. Thanks a million Dirk!

Anonymous said...

Keep it coming Dirk.
Swiss Adam

Charity Chic said...

Good to see you back Dirk and with an impressive list of quality tunes too

George said...

This will give me and the dogs something to listen to at the farm. No Fall? No Mekons? No Gang of Four?

Walter said...

Good to have you back Dirk! These era was the one I raised with. Very, very good selection. There were a lot of songs I know but almost forgotten.

Keep on giving us your collections. Looking forward to.

JC said...

I was at that Blondie gig on 31.12.79

I feel really old.