Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lady Loser's Lottery ... Pt. 6

Jesus Christ,

I just realized that the last time I forced Lady Loser to have a pick in my collection was back in 2012!! The reason for that of course is that I persuaded Little Loser to take over her job as soon as he reached an age where he was able to do something else than to crawl around and wet himself! Yes, time flies when you're having fun, ey?

But Little Loser is already asleep and I have to kill a bit of time this evening, because a new series starts on the telly later on which I've read so much good reviews about that I definitely want to see it. Problem is that it only starts at 22:30 hours, and I'm willing to have small bet that I will be asleep at 22:45!

So here's what she found in my folders - with closed eyes, of course - before she went back to bed - eyes opened again, of course - in order to see some nonsense about an American guy who is married to four women at the same time ... a status which gives masochism a completely new definition, if you ask me!

But, as usual, I digress, so here are the tunes she had chosen. Enjoy:

From their 1992 album 'Ferment', which I don't have. Catherine Wheel were not bad at all in the Nineties, but then again I never could cope all too well with all of those shoegazing bands back then. If memory serves correctly I even saw them live at one of the Bizarre festivals in the early 90's ... but I might be wrong here. Wikipedia says that the singer is a cousin of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson: now this is something that you didn't know, right?!

A single from 2010 and I'm afraid the sound quality may be a little bit dodgy, but this just shows you that I don't make these things up. I didn't remember this tune at all, but I'm glad Lady Loser picked it: it's really good! But apart from that there isn't pretty much that I can tell you about OK Go. They come from Chicago, moved to L.A. and no, I have no idea who the singer's cousin might probably be!

Also from Chicago, we have Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers with a wonderful blues tune from 1960, a real treat indeed, so if you download nothing else from the five songs in tonight's offering, download this one ... great stuff!! Smokey was rhythm guitarist for Howlin' Wolf. And, to continue with some nice little family entertainment, his younger brother, Abe became known as the bluesman Little Smokey Smothers, with whom he is sometimes confused.

Another one from 2010 (don't ask me how she managed to chose this year twice this, I mean there are folders on the computer from 1923 to 2015, all with thousands of songs!), which might mean a certain lack of variety. All I can do is apologize! But don't you worry, another corker! From an album called 'In Debt', which, again, I don't have. I should though, I think, because this song is outstandingly brilliant, isn't it? I have no idea where they come from, but as I am a friend of the stars I can tell you that singer Jonny Cola underwent a kidney transplant after being diagnosed with advanced kidney failure and going through eight months of treatment, everything had to be put on hold. I'm glad to report though that, after Jonny's girlfriend donated a kidney November 2013, things could happily move on!

Aaah, Hermine! Hermine Demoriane, to give you her full name. From the 'The World On My Plates' - album on Crammed Discs from 1982, and what a nice song to end this little series, that's if you are a sucker for Roy Orbison - songs sung in a Marlene Dietrich style ... I certainly am! Did you know that Hermine was a tightrope walker before she started singing? Well, now you know ...

Hope you enjoyed my little ramblings, I now have to get the tunes up on zippyshare and find some pics before I miss the beginning of this new series ('The Knick', since you ask ... and I do hope it meets with my approval)!

Take care,



TheRobster said...

Catherine Wheel - a band I really really like. They were initially branded as shoegazing, but were actually far more rock oriented as they showed with their third album onwards. Sorry mate, but I did know Rob was Bruce's cousin...

OK Go - famous for their incredibly ambitious videos. For this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qybUFnY7Y8w
My fave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MejbOFk7H6c
And probably their most famous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTAAsCNK7RA

Charity Chic said...

Always good to hear a former tightrope walker Dirk

Brian said...

Dirk, Love the picks. I lived in Chicago when OK Go were tearing up the town and waiting to record their first album. Before they signed, the band used to sell their own recordings at shows. A few of the songs were rerecorded for Capitol. I was shocked to hear them beefed up and produced by a pro. I had heard that some slick session musicians were brought in to help. Long story short, I always loved the demos better. Doesn't that seem to happen all of the time? I went to the record release show and bought the debut, but I never went any further. Oh well. They seemed to do just fine without my support.