Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some more decent German tunes, this time for The Swede ...

Good evening friends,

The Swede who runs the fantastic 'Unthought of, though, somehow' - blog seemed to be somewhat delighted by the German stuff posted yesterday and today by Walter and me, so here's a little bit more of it for him to enjoy ... and for the rest of you, as well. Of course. How the hell the links work with 286 % boxnet bandwidth I simply cannot understand, but apparently they do work, otherwise they couldn't have met with The Swede's approval yesterday, right? Then again I have by now realized that there are certain things in life which I simply do not need to understand, computer and women just being two out of many ...

GUZ by the way is Swiss, not German, but hey, it's summer, I'm enjoying my second holiday for this year, so I can't be as pedantic as usual, right? And it's a mighty (!) track, which excuses its' inclusion here ... also, and this one goes out to Brian, Concord is the band Julia Lubcke sang with after Fünf Freunde split in 1995. So, without further ado, please enjoy:

Eight Dayz - 'Running Out Of Time' ('92)
Rockabilly Mafia - 'Die Nacht War Lau' ('95)

Die Doraus und Die Marinas - 'Tulpen Und Narzissen' ('81)

Abwaerts - 'Softly Softly' ('80)

Extrabreit - 'Polizisten' ('81)

F.S.K. - '(I've Got To Get Over) The Wall' ('89)

GUZ - 'Genforscher' ('97)

Concord - 'Both Sides' ('97)




Charity Chic said...

You can listen to them Dirk but you can't download them. Everyone is having the same problems with Box not re-setting these days

Walter said...

OMG, another bunch of great tracks that opens my heart and let me go back to times long gone by. Especially Extrabreit und 'Polizisten' a song that stood the time. And it's true that it seems like everybody has problems with downloading via box. Seems like I have to look for another opportunity Dirk. Thank you for these gems and have a good week.

Brian said...

Dirk, That Concord song is excellent. Thanks for including it. And CC is correct. You can listen but not download.

George said...

Yes, listening but not downloading. I really want Die Doraus and Die Marinas to be good, what a picture!

George said...

The Abwaerts song reminds of early Fall and also early B52s. Great FSK song, loved the rockabilly track, thanks for all the music today, Dirk.

The Swede said...

Thanks for the nod Dirk. It's taken me a while to get through these (or do anything at all online) as I'm having some computer traumas, but I really enjoyed the tunes by Abwaerts, Extrabriet, FSK and especially Concord. Great stuff!